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  1. drakeshooter

    Music you like that would surprise people?

    This ain’t surprising but I been on a dang near nothing but Waylon kick for months now.
  2. drakeshooter

    Identify this snake skin

    I just couldn’t have that in my woods no matter how much I respect nature lol. There’s a biologist over at Murray State who’s an expert on them and he actually placed radio transmitters on several in LBL. The pictures he posted up of huge canebrakes curled up under leaves in the middle of the...
  3. drakeshooter

    Roe v Wade

    Following the Constitution by leaving all matters to the states not explicitly granted the Federal gooberment is Christian “Taliban” or whatever you want to call it lol? That’s as stupid as dummy calling a constitutionalist a radical lol. I’m telling you these lefties are off the rails.
  4. drakeshooter

    Roe v Wade

    Legit questions here.
  5. drakeshooter

    gun bill going through congress

    Biden signed it this morning.
  6. drakeshooter

    C. A. T. S.

    If he was gonna play in Kentucky he should have came to Point Guard U lol.
  7. drakeshooter

    Didnt even eat it

    Off topic but I have killed exactly one pintail drake in my life at the Big Sandy WMA near Paris, TN. I had it, a Canada and a the biggest, prettiest mallard drake I ever shot in my freezer but lost them all when freezer died.
  8. drakeshooter

    Identify this snake skin

    I’d kill one next to my house but as I get older the more I respect nature and her ways. It ain’t all fluffy kittens, fairies and unicorns but I begrudge nobody else who takes one out. I’ve killed dozens of them over the years.
  9. drakeshooter

    Lack of bees?

    I nearly mentioned I’m surrounded on all sides by fields that were sprayed. Saw maybe a dozen lightening bugs all spring but dry weather has a lot to do with lack of those.
  10. drakeshooter

    Lack of bees?

    Not as many here either but the clover and my cucumbers are holding the most honey and bumblebees.
  11. drakeshooter

    Roe v Wade

    “The Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each State from regulating or prohibiting abortion. Roe and Casey arrogated that authority. We now overrule those decisions and return that authority to the people and their elected representatives....” It’s so cliche here lol, but if you...
  12. drakeshooter

    C. A. T. S.

  13. drakeshooter

    Trump is done.

    He ain’t wrong.
  14. drakeshooter

    Bidens note cards

    Right now....
  15. drakeshooter

    Roe v Wade

    With zero input from the human being about to get chopped to bits and sucked up like trash you sick sob.
  16. drakeshooter

    Identify this snake skin

    I used to kill all the venomous ones, copperheads mostly, ‘til I let this bad boy go on his way a couple years ago. Inspired by old Nock who let one walk (crawl) he posted a picture of.
  17. drakeshooter

    Identify this snake skin

    There are well documented cases of timbers in SE Calloway County recently. I’ve just never seen one alive or dead on the roads personally and I have driven the roads in that area quite a bit more than the average person. I’ve seen a few in LBL which I’ve driven some but nothing like I’ve driven...
  18. drakeshooter

    Identify this snake skin

    That’s a pretty rare find in the Purchase area outside of LBL. I’ve been all over east Calloway over the years and never saw one though I’ve seen a Pygmy in SE Calloway once. I’d say Marshall County would be same. You generally don’t find them living among people.
  19. drakeshooter

    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    I love it too and got sick of all y’all getting them so I broke down and paid $4.99. I’ve been buying chuck roasts to grind on sale for $4.78 anyway. Bought a 12 pounder missing part of the point since I was gonna grind it anyway. I ground it all last night in my food processor and froze in 1/3...
  20. drakeshooter

    Texas Could Vote to Secede From U.S. in 2023 as GOP Pushes for Referendum

    Texas is under a full scale invasion.

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