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  1. Titus

    Dogtra E Collar

    Dogtra 2300 in case with charger and 3/4 mile remote. No problems $190
  2. Titus

    Finished Son’s Buck

    This is one he got 2 yrs ago. First one I’ve mounted up in a few years.
  3. Titus

    Kid's 1st

    My son got his 1st duck this morning. We've had a couple dry runs, but he finally connected today at a new spot.
  4. Titus

    New Turbo M1

    I just got the TenPoint Turbo M1. I’ll probably wait until next season to really start hunting with it. Seems like a quality bow minus the missing e-clip on a cam axle they shipped it without. Thankfully I noticed it before shooting.
  5. Titus


    I saw a few flocks V'd up coming out of the N today. I'm ready to get the spread out and put deer hunting behind me!
  6. Titus

    AKC Labrador Retriever Pups

    Champion bloodline AKC registered Yellow Lab pups. Born 10/22/19, ready for pickup after Dec. 10th. Sire and Dam both excellent hunting dogs. The Dam "Honey" passed 4 for 4 on her Started Hunting Retriever title and has 13 Field Champion and Grand Retriever Hunting Champions in the last 3...
  7. Titus


    testing pic
  8. Titus

    FS- Tracker Targa 18 WT Deep V

    2013 Tracker Targa 18 WT deep V with factory upgrade 150 HP 4 stroke Verado. Very clean and excellent condition. The boat/motor have under 60 hrs! (I have recent computer scan of motor hrs) Recently serviced, new trailer tires and battery. Comes with 4 removable Tracker seats, fish finder and...
  9. Titus

    7mm-08 Brass?

    Anyone know where any 7mm-08 brass can be found? I know I can resize .308, but I'd like to just find some 7mm-08 factory brass (preferably Win). Thanks
  10. Titus

    Turkey Dog Success

    The new pup is catching on and the hens are falling! It's my buddies dog and she's 4 for 4 this season.
  11. Titus

    Deer Processing?

    For those who process their own deer, do you prefer beef fat or pork fat mixed into the burger? The guy at the meat counter where I go, insists on pork fat. If you've had good luck with beef fat, let me know (i have a better source for beef fat than pork fat).
  12. Titus

    Shotgun Stock Fitting?

    My wife just got a new shotgun and needs a stock fitting from someone that knows what they are doing. Anyone know where this can happen preferably without driving out of state or over 2 hrs?
  13. Titus

    Planting Sunflowers Today

    Weather looks good to get out the dove field today. Last year I planted them about a week later. Anybody else planting their dove field now?
  14. Titus

    Chewed out?

    Guys I called in and shot a coyote this am. Odd thing was he had a snare around his neck and looked like he had possibly chewed through the cable? The snare was still tight around his neck and had cut through the skin and meat pretty deep. I dont set snares, but I wanted to ask you all if...
  15. Titus

    Odd Coyote (graphic)

    I called in and killed a coyote this am with some rabbit cries on a Foxpro. When I went to check him out I noticed his head was swollen. Then I noticed that he had a snare around his neck. It appears that he had chewed through the steel cable somehow, but the cable had cut through his skin...
  16. Titus

    Coyote with Grendel

    Shot this morning while she was eating an old goose carcass. 6.5 Grendel made a nice blood trail in the snow.
  17. Titus

    Goose Pile

    The only good thing about the last day of the season is Shoot'n the Roost! We did see a lot of geese yesterday. Maybe new birds or maybe the weather just made them more active. Either way, Crazy Carl will be eating good this winter....mmmmm delicious goose steak! :rolleyes:
  18. Titus

    Feinstein's new Bill

    If you haven't seen it yet..
  19. Titus

    Found some Sheds

    A friend and I picked up all these sheds last Sat. afternoon. Nothing big, but they're fun to find anyhow. Not counting the dead buck, I'd say all but 3 were from previous years. I found one matched set very fresh laying side by side, that was a first. I think most bucks in my area are...
  20. Titus

    Clearfield Sunflowers?

    Anyone using these sunflowers? Should I go Clearfield or regular sunflower with cultivation?

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