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  1. Semp

    Roe v Wade

    The SCOTUS ruling triggered an almost total ban on abortions effective today in Kentucky. The only looting and burning will probably be in Louisville (McConnell's hometown) or Lexington. I could not care less about those two garbage dumps.
  2. Semp

    spring squirrel season 2022

    I would have to disagree.:) It saves a lot on $4.00 gas.
  3. Semp

    The New Military Round....

    I can see that you know a lot more about this subject than I do. What I don't understand is why not improve the .308 by going to the M118 as standard issue. Change barrel twist if needed. That has to be cheaper than billions on a whole new system. I trained with the M14 back in the day so I am...
  4. Semp

    The New Military Round....

    It seems to me it would have been a LOT cheaper just to go with the .308 again. A whole new platform and new round that is so similar is just crazy.
  5. Semp

    Turkey Population

    Where I hunt in west KY I've not seen or heard crap. The birds have just disappeared. Worse even than last year and that was the worse I ever seen in years. No tracks, no scratchings, no gobblin, no nothing.
  6. Semp

    Finally figured out what they want!

    Buy a new gun.
  7. Semp

    Do you like field or woods?

    I hunt woods 99% of the time sitting in front of a tree, no blind and no decoys. I might get in a blind if its raining and I happen to have my double bull in the truck.
  8. Semp

    Gun Safe

    Here ya go..... on the way to the junk yard.
  9. Semp

    Gun Safe

    In case anyone was wondering what a gun safe looks like after a fire....
  10. Semp

    Trapping photos 2021/2022

    That's a great idea. Thanks.
  11. Semp

    Accidental overdose of friend

    Very sorry for your loss. I know a friend who had to bury his son because of a fentanyl laced counterfeit Xanax pill. Drugs are killing our youth and this country.
  12. Semp

    Got squirrelly today!!!

    Love to see smiling faces on the youngun's! Very nice.
  13. Semp

    I’d try it

    There are some guys hunting coyotes with dogs at LBL and doing a number on them. As for me, I would rather call coyotes.
  14. Semp

    Bad hit

    ^^What he said. It is dead somewhere. I shotgunned one once and didn't find it till almost a year later. I stumbled on it by accident. It had crawled up under some logged out tree tops.
  15. Semp

    Ky Lake storm damage

    Thanks for the replies. I was supposed to have reservations there this week. It looks like I may have to postpone my trip.
  16. Semp

    Ky Lake storm damage

    I've been trying to contact Kenlake Lodge in Aurora with no luck. Phone is constantly busy. Is Kenlake Lodge shut down?
  17. Semp

    Ohio Turkey hunting limit reduction???

    Another turkey egg eater is the armadillo. They are starting to show up everywhere in KY. I saw a live one on my farm back in September.
  18. Semp

    Primers and ammo FS/FT

    PM sent
  19. Semp

    Primers and ammo FS/FT

    Where are you located? My friend wants those primers.
  20. Semp

    Hunting Club or lease info

    FYI. That Gumz property sold for $4,500,000 according to Kutrz website.

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