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  1. Big Nasty

    My Lovely Bluebirds

    Other than boxes is there anything you can do to attract bluebirds? I’m in a subdivision with decent amount of trees and foliage that’s borderline country and suburbia, put out a couple boxes earlier this year but no luck just yet. I do have a Carolina wren that took up residence in one of them...
  2. Big Nasty

    Dont forget the Quota hunt deadline

    Kincaid 12/10-13
  3. Big Nasty

    $$$ Crossbows

  4. Big Nasty

    Name the movie

    We'll work up a Number 6 on 'em. "Number 6"? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that one. Well, that's where we go a-ridin' into town, a-whompin' and a-whumpin' every livin' thing that moves within an inch of its life. Except the women folks, of course.
  5. Big Nasty

    Think I'm done

    30 years and a lifetime of memories. Congrats on your achievement! I have half that with a bow and seems like a long time. If you're ready to put the string down that's your call and yours only. I completely understand guys pushing for the Xbow option, trying to keep you in the woods, but nobody...
  6. Big Nasty

    Scope for 30/30

    Howdy folks. This may have already been beat up on here but I searched with no luck. Best scope/size for a Marlin 30/30 for deer hunting? Scenerio: Daughter kills first 2 deer with open-sight Marlin 30/30. Both deer under 50 yards (her limit..thanks Brewtus for #2) using 150gr Core Lokt...
  7. Big Nasty

    What are your favorite smells?

    Haven't seen this yet and call me weird, but for a city boy in N Ky visiting kin folk in London during the summer a fresh cow pie takes me back.
  8. Big Nasty

    Long Night...

    Sam, sorry to hear of this. I imagine it freaked you out. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Glad you're OK, I'm sure next time you'll be prepared. Scott
  9. Big Nasty

    Hey man, give it up! Neighbor has property adjacent to Clay, they've been trying to get drawn...

    Hey man, give it up! Neighbor has property adjacent to Clay, they've been trying to get drawn for years. There's a box of shells, slab of ribs, whatever in it for ya!
  10. Big Nasty

    Interview with Ted

    May have already been posted
  11. Big Nasty


    For those that want to quit but need help, check out Chantix Most insurance doesn't cover it but a few do, $100.00 for a 1 month kit. Some need just 1 month's worth, others 2. The stuff works, with few side affects. You'll need a RX from your doc.
  12. Big Nasty

    Niki and ellas First fish

    Great job Niki and Ella!
  13. Big Nasty

    Proud Dad!

    My goodness, she is precious. Reminds me of my two at that age. Time passes by fast, keep making those memories.
  14. Big Nasty

    Anyone Else Besides Me Notice increases in Road Kills

    Saw 3 yote pancakes between Ky Lake and N Ky on Sunday. No turkey, I-65 and 71 must be out of their strut-zone.
  15. Big Nasty

    Trying to decide on motor.

    Other than normal maintenance my 25hsp Merc 2-stroke has had 1 carb rebuild in 21 years. That's all. Very simple to maintain, no valves etc. Less than a minute to measure oil per 6/gal fillup no big deal. I do like the idea of a smooth quiet 4 stroke and will consider one if the motor konks out...
  16. Big Nasty

    Its a snake !

    Nice pics, cute kid. Looks like fun! Making memories, that's what it's all about.
  17. Big Nasty

    eating bass..look here...

    This question was posted on recent Ky Afield call-in show. Biologist on the panel said (in jest) don't eat the worms but meat should be fine.
  18. Big Nasty

    What every true fisherman needs...

    Hand towel...nice to have after handling a bunch of greasy slimy stankin skipjacks in cold water.
  19. Big Nasty

    Got back from a week at the twins...and the big catch

    Beautiful bass, memories with dad makes it priceless. Congratulations.
  20. Big Nasty

    phillipfleek In the hospital

    Phil, sorry to hear of this. I hope you get better soon. I'm close, Please holler if you need anything! Brewtus and I will be at the lake during youth turkey, sure I can speak for Bill that we could get the boys out during the primary season if you can't make it. Take care buddy.

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