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  1. buck shot

    Ky Tradfest 2018

    Heck yeah buddy thanks for the info
  2. buck shot

    Ky Tradfest 2018

    Anyone going the the shoot on the 24th there .. I’m hoping for good weather if it rains do they still have it ?
  3. buck shot

    KTBA's "KyTradFest" April 7,8,9, 2017

    Where can I find a schedule of your guys shoots .. we came to the last event u had there last year and had a blast it was our first time shooting trad
  4. buck shot

    Saturday Roll Call

    In the stand .. Just had a doe ad her little fawn come in so mabe it will be a good morning .. Good luck all
  5. buck shot


    Well u have seen how I dress lol and that's an everyday thing for me when people drive buy my house they kinda expect to see a man with camo on shooting bow off the front deck lol .. Sure the truth
  6. buck shot

    Sunday morning roll call

    Got a big doe down .. Came in at the break of daylight shot her at 15yds .. Awesome morning here in letcher county.. I know one thing I hate ladder stands to tight to the tree almost couldn't get my bow pulled back .. Lol good luck to all this morning
  7. buck shot

    Saturday morning roll call

    Feels Awesome to be in the stand this morning here in letcher county .. A little foggy in the stand no wind first morning hunting this stand .. I am trying to kill something with my recurve I guess we will see how it goes good luck guys
  8. buck shot

    U have any luck last night ? Anymore coyotes ? See that crazy woman anymore ?

    U have any luck last night ? Anymore coyotes ? See that crazy woman anymore ?
  9. buck shot

    Help; I'm a bow addict!

    Man I am just getting started in this recurve stuff and have fel in love with it .. Fun fun . Can't wait to do more of the shoots
  10. buck shot

    I found ya brother !!!

    I found ya brother !!!
  11. buck shot

    KTBA 2016 shoot scedule

    Randy not sure if we seen u there or not but we sure had a great time on This last shoot it was an awesome place thanks for the post and would love to know any other shoots thanks for the post
  12. buck shot

    KTBA NASP Fund raiser

    Man we had a ball lots of fun at the shoot .. Was my first time we only stayed Saturday and met lots of nice shooters too .. Can't wait till it opens back up .. I would love to know where more traditional shoots are in ky ?
  13. buck shot

    Just shot this last shoot yesterday last course was my first time we had a ball

    Just shot this last shoot yesterday last course was my first time we had a ball
  14. buck shot

    Good couple of days

    Yes sir !! Good job man !!
  15. buck shot

    Mouth call holwer

    I love the elk power howler !! I have the MFK calls hard for me to get the howls out of them like they do ..!!
  16. buck shot

    Missed one this afternoon

    Yep that can happen lol where did that fence come from ... Good try anyway
  17. buck shot

    Crow hunting

    Just found it ! U don't have to have a permit to hunt crows but u do have to fill out a survey to be legal thanks
  18. buck shot

    Crow hunting

    Does anyone know if u have to have a migratory bird permit to hunt crow here in Kentucky I can't seem to find any info on it .. Thanks
  19. buck shot

    Check out the video

    Yep I have seen most of there video's . I broke down and bought there howler diaphragm kit and it takes a lot of pratice to get some good sounds out of it the only thing I didn't like was the first time I took them hunting I left them in my backpack and they molded in the container the where...
  20. buck shot

    Shot this big eight this morning!

    Those grimreapers are awesome he sure didn't go to fare looks like an easy blood trail keep up the good work and get up tomorrow and go out on your porch and kill him again I know I would hagggggggaaaaa

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