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  1. Ky_buckhunter

    Bluegrass Army Depot

  2. Ky_buckhunter

    Letcher county rut!!!

    Have already found several fresh scrapes and they are checking them pretty regular. If I still had a buck tag I would be in the woods right now hunting these scrape lines while they are hot
  3. Ky_buckhunter

    who's used Hornady American Whitetail ammunition?

    I use them in my 300 win mag. Been pleased with them so far.
  4. Ky_buckhunter

    Most comfortable hang on stand?

    Have used a ton of different hang on stands and for the money you cannot beat this stand! We now own 5 of these. Can't beat it for $79
  5. Ky_buckhunter

    Bluegrass Army Depot

    Thanks for the replies! I was thinking Area B and Area D were pretty good areas but again it's been a few years since I've been there. Anyone else have any opinions on which area you prefer?
  6. Ky_buckhunter

    Bluegrass Army Depot

    It's been several years since I was drawn to hunt the army depot. This year I was lucky enough to be drawn for the December muzzleloader hunt. I noticed this year there is an option to write in your preferred guide and/or hunt area. I'm sure there is no guarantee that you will get the area you...
  7. Ky_buckhunter


    To my knowledge you cannot use a shotgun. It's muzzleloader only. You won't know what area you have until you send your packet back with the $50 for your background check.
  8. Ky_buckhunter

    My 2011 10pt and my cousins 2011 10pt

    thanks fellas
  9. Ky_buckhunter

    My 2011 10pt and my cousins 2011 10pt

    Took this 10pt on Nov. 20 Also I have been taking my little cousin who is 10years old all year to try and get him his first deer and it has been tough to say the least. He has had some bad luck. He missed a doe during youth season and missed a good 8pt during first black powder. We went again...
  10. Ky_buckhunter

    Age and score pls

    pass...theres bigger ones over there and u know you will end up killing a monster before its all said and done anyway
  11. Ky_buckhunter

    Anyone having any luck rattling,grunting,bleating?

    I rattled in a couple small bucks at the bluegrass army depot saturday.. they came flying in
  12. Ky_buckhunter

    Caught in the act (ELK pics)

    Their little secret is out now!! :eek: Saw the big boy while i was in the stand today. They were bugleing everywhere today! Btw the dates on the cam are 2months behind
  13. Ky_buckhunter

    Ehu 5???

    Anyone needing a place to hunt in EHU 5 let me know. Heard several different bulls this evening, may be able to help you out.
  14. Ky_buckhunter

    Elk pics

    yeah i have a few deer pics as well but the elk out number them by far!!!!!
  15. Ky_buckhunter

    Elk pics

    Eastern KY EHU 5
  16. Ky_buckhunter

    Age and scorethes 2 new bucks

    Looks like some 2yr olds to me too. Either way they have too many points for Chase to shoot.
  17. Ky_buckhunter

    Elk pics

    Few elk pics
  18. Ky_buckhunter

    BGAD questions and answers

    BGAD Area E?? Never hunted this area before, just wondering what im in for? Anyone that has hunted this area before please chime in.
  19. Ky_buckhunter

    Anyone drawn for BGAD yet?

    Anyone know anything about area E? never hunted E before
  20. Ky_buckhunter

    Anyone drawn for BGAD yet?

    They called me today asking which hunt i would prefer since i was drawn for both muzzleloader hunts. Cant wait for Nov. 5

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