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  1. mossyhorns

    Any suggestions???

    You definitely need a survey and always get a title opinion. Never depend on what the landowner or the neighbors say. You can try to talk the seller into getting a survey. Additionally, you can draw up a sales agreement that specifies that the road frontage has to be so many feet and the...
  2. mossyhorns

    60s and 70s music lovers You have to see this!

    Saw the Muscle Shoals thing a few weeks back and was absolutely blown away! Who would have ever thought that a bunch of white boys down in north Alabama could provide the backing for such a wide range of artists? As one guy described it, those boys were "greasy." Never knew what the verse in...
  3. mossyhorns

    Senate Joint Resolution 67

    This kind of thing really disturbs me. If this bill passes, they'll be giving out Commissioner's Elk Tags to HSUS and that Styles woman will be hunting out of Dr. Angel's private pit down at the Ballard WMA.
  4. mossyhorns

    Sportsmen Act NOW! Vote NO to Dr. James Angel

    Does anyone have an update on the appointment of Dr. Angel. Was he approved by the Senate?
  5. mossyhorns

    Got my census filled out---

    I did the same thing as mrdux on the censeless they sent to my house. When Gen. Sherman burned and pillaged his way from Atlanta to Savanna, he commandeered the census records and knew where every citizen, horse, and mule resided along the way. Heck, I figure I'll be fined more for sticking a...
  6. mossyhorns

    Turkey hunting in Skyline wma? Help!

    Early on there will be single gobblers walking around late in the morning gobbling every now and then. These birds can usually be called but you need to be close. Birds off the roost are difficult because there are so many hens. You'll bust hens slipping in on a roosted tom. The locals like to...
  7. mossyhorns

    Turkey hunting in Skyline wma? Help!

    I can't think of any area that would not be good to hunt. That place holds a tremendous amount of birds. In area 17 you'll notice Wade Manning Rd. I hunted with Wade -- he was a conservation officer who helped with the initial restoration of turkeys in north Alabama. Wade had access to lots...
  8. mossyhorns

    Turkey hunting in Skyline wma? Help!

    skyline I've hunted the area for 15 years. It's mostly mountains but now has a little valley land. In fact, the private land I used to hunt on is now part of the WMA -- it's located along the Paint Rock River. You can get to it off Co. Rd 9 near Estillfork but would have to cross the river...
  9. mossyhorns

    Gillespie Gone!!

    Calipari coming to Kentucky; calls former coaches By Rick Bozich [email protected] Former Memphis basketball coach John Calipari called former UK coach Joe B. Hall this afternoon to tell him he was coming to Kentucky and that he intended to start the job by connecting with...
  10. mossyhorns

    ShamWow Guy Arrested

    Hate to hear he was injured in the fracas -- those things take a long time to heal.:rolleyes:
  11. mossyhorns

    Gas Wells ??

    Why not just get some of Algore's flatulent, greenhouse gas producing, global-warming causin' cows? Better yet, just stick a hose up ol' gas-bag Gore himself.:D
  12. mossyhorns

    Gillespie Gone!!

    "Several University of Memphis boosters, including FedEx Corp. executives, had been working to put together a package that would keep Calipari in Memphis. Some reports have valued the package at $7 million per year." Does anyone else see any irony in the above statement????:eek:
  13. mossyhorns

    Murray/Calloway DU banquet

    The Murray/Calloway DU banquet is Saturday night, Oct. 25, at the Knights of Columbus hall, 332 Squire Rd. Got tons of merchandise and guns. Vernon Anderson is doing the BBQ. Doors open at 5:00PM. Dinner around 7. This is one heck of a banquet! Don't miss it!!!!
  14. mossyhorns

    what do ya'll think about this? i don't know

    You have to remember, however, that the NEA does for the democrats what Monica did for bill.
  15. mossyhorns

    New Democratic Rumor-Biden to be replaced

    Hope it doesn't happen. Never seen any outfit that hillary would look hot in. Dress her up like Palin and she'd scare a hungry dawg off a gut wagon. I like biden -- especially the way he keeps stepping on his Oscar-Meyer. :rolleyes:
  16. mossyhorns

    Tresspassing, poaching, felon

    Shewt him.
  17. mossyhorns

    6 mm to a .243

    If I owned a .243 and had a choice of buying a 6mm Rem or toilet paper, I'd buy the 6mm and wipe my butt with the .243.
  18. mossyhorns

    James Carville "Rajun Cajun"

    He's just a slick-headed mouth. Nothing else. Don't give him more credit than he's due.
  19. mossyhorns

    Things is lookin up at Aintry!

    That boy Mayes sure has some serious issues. By the way, how's Obama looking down thar in Aintry?
  20. mossyhorns

    Kentucky/Barkley water levels....

    Studies??? That's all they've been doing.LOL Just pick an answer and they'll have a study to support it. When the lakes were initially flooded, fishing exploded because of all the new habitat that was exposed. I expect the same would happen to the area between 359 and 361. I'm not saying...

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