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    Bad year,but good huntin week,3 bucks down

    Its been a loooong time since ive been on but ive had my mind on other things this year.I say its been a bad year because my biggest hunting buddy and freind my papaw died earlier in the year from cancer and its been really rough on my dad and myself these past couple months hunting without...
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    Been a while,but heres some smallies

    Its been a long time since ive been on,but heres some nice smallies from dale at the tourny that myself and Jeff Short fished in december.We caught plenty of 19s and 20s but couldnt find any 21inch fish,had alot of fun though.All fish caught on 1/2oz Cumberland Pro Football jig
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    305inch Illinois Monster

    Found this on another site.Scored 305 7/8,width of 26inches inside and 33 scorable points
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    Sorta Misjudged One

    Well saturday morning started off a little disapointing for 2 main reasons.First off theres hardly ever been anybody hunting the farm across from were my stand is,well this year they decided to line up across the whole property line and shoot anything and everything that came by,some of them...
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    Backwaters tourny tomarow

    Is anyone of yal fishing it?Ill be there with my wet butt and all.Those big brown whores should be biting with the nasty weather pushing in,hopefully theyll be feeding up on some Cumberland Pro Jigs and shaky heads :pIll be in a tan tahoe and a Black/red/silver z520 with a 250proxs...stop by and...
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    Thispig been posted yet

    Supposingly killed hre in Pike county KY,its a beast for sure
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    Just got back from Norman

    Well the year is finally over.After the weekend,i ended up in a disapointing 14th place and missed the cut to fish today by 4ounces,but did get a check so it wasnt a waste i guess.After i weighed in yesterday i was sittin in 6th for along time until almost half way through the last filght...
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    Looks like im hunting this weekend

    Well as it turns out,im not going to be leaving for Lake Norman until late sunday or early thank god ill be in the stand tomarow through sunday...last year i missed MZ and i hated it because of fishin,i like it almost as good as modern gun,hopefully i can wack one tomarow evenin with...
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    Cold Weather Base Layers

    I thinking of buying some of the underarmour cold gear tomarow.Any of you guys using these tops and bottoms?Ive got thermals,Scentblocker underguard xlts top/bottom and the Dream Season suit and it keeps me really cumfy for weekends like last weekends,but when the temps drops into the 30s and...
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    Whos braving this weather

    whoever is sittin in a stand these next couple days deserves a biggun,thats some cold wind and rain goin on out there
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    The littlens are trying too

    Start pre ruttin...yesterday morning i seen 9 with 3 of them being spikes,2 of the spikes came within 15yards of me and as one was coming in it actually let out one long grunt...the 2 stood around for a couple minutes and then the bigger one actually bristled up and threw his ears back,and i...
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    Front Page :D you an click on "full story" to read the article
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    Won the USA Bassin Regional at Rough

    Well for my first time on the lake and my buddies 2nd time,i cant say we did to bad at all.Didnt have a good practice at all,just a bunch of slots and only one legit 15incher...started on our fist spot this morning and caught a keeper slot fish and 2 15 1/2inchers,things are going better than...
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    Anyone tried this?

    On BBC threads i seen were there are alot of guys on there that adds some brown sugar to there hamburger and it is supposingly really really good,some say its the best burgers theyve ever had.Have any of you tried this?When i get back from fishin this weekend im guna give it a shot,since i like...
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    Headin out tomarow

    Headin to Cherokee tomarow for our last regular season BFL super tourny on Cherokee.Im going into it 1st in points by i think 27 which is a pretty good margin,havent finished no lower than 18th all year and dont plan to do it this weekend:D
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    Miami/Florida State Game

    Its the best game ive seen in a while...flip it to ESPN and watch it
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    2 for 2

    2 dove hunts so far and 2 limits...going again wednesday for another...there flyin evrywere on our farms here in Madison county,never seen nothing like it...10 of us today had limits within 2 hours of huntin
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    Needed Coangler for Cherokee

    My buddies co backed out on him today so im looking around for him a coangler for the tournament.You can email me,post here or call me at 859-200-5558.Email is [email protected]
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    Couple Piggies from Cedar Creek

    Finally put some fish slime and smell in the new boat and the boss went back the CC and i actually let him catch a couple today including one decent one lol...on the 3rd cast i busted this one on a dd22,i forgot to put our 21 inch golden rule in our new boat and left it in the old...
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    FLW Outdoors tomarrow

    At 12:30 tomarrow the Forrest Wood Cup will be televised on Versus and theyll also be airing my dad recieving the Million dollar at 12:30 grap ya a bologna sammich and watch some fishing,heck you might even seen me on there,ill be the one in the red ranger shirt lookin all happy and...

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