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  1. BG33

    Double Down!!!!

    Went this morning and started with female invitation howls. 5 minutes in and I have 3 coyotes charging hard. The lead coyote was 75 yards and I popped him in the chest. It was pretty thick so the other two disappeared quickly. I sat a couple of minutes and decided to do some coyote distress. 30...
  2. BG33

    Missed Oppurtunity

    Went this morning and started with female invitation howls at daybreak. Within 5 minutes heard crunching in the snow from the same direction I walked in. Obviously, I wasn't expecting that so I had to turn to look. Saw a good sized coyote working its way around the hillside. I tried to turn and...
  3. BG33

    Female Down

    Had hunted this area a few times last year. The coyotes have been very vocal every time I've been. Finally, got a plan together and went this evening to try it out. This female fired up as soon as I started calling. Probably howled and barked for 20 minutes before I saw her. Had others in the...
  4. BG33

    Couple of Questions

    I've just got into the coyote hunting and just had a couple of general questions. Do most of you start a calling sequence with some howls or locators or just go straight into a distress? That is if you are using the distress of course for the stand. Also, how often do you have coyotes answer...
  5. BG33

    First Yote Down!!!!

    I started getting things together last year and made it out a few times with no success. I've done the same this year with the same results until yesterday. Started calling at day break and had 2 yotes answer my howls and waited a couple minutes before I started the cottontail distress. 5...
  6. BG33

    Making Memories

    My Dad and I took a couple of deer in Ohio this past weekend. My deer was my best bow kill to date. I got to make some memories with my Dad and I want to give him credit for teaching me everything I know about deer hunting. He's no monster, but I got to take my first "deer picture" with my...
  7. BG33


    I don't know about anywhere else, but here in Eastern Kentucky the rain is coming down this morning. I hope the rest of the state gets some rain today. From what people are saying on here I assume its pretty bad in the northern parts of the state.
  8. BG33

    To hunt or not to Hunt

    I went to check out my stand today and ran into a problem. I have a power line that runs next to my property and I heard a dirt bike trying to climb the power line hill. I go out there and about 5 or 6 boys are their watching this joker try to climb this hill. The power line is roughly 100 yards...
  9. BG33

    Fed up!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, heres the story. Put my trail cam up Thursday evening and of course I couldn't wait to get back in there and check it out. What do I find when I get there, my camera has been stolen. Got one stolen last year to in a different place. I had my camera on my own property in a place nobody...
  10. BG33


    I have a turkey that has roosted in the same place every time I have been to this spot. I'm thinking about sitting right under the tree til dark and seeing what happens. I haven't been able to hunt in the evenings, but today I'm free. Do I just sit and wait or make a few soft calls? I need some...
  11. BG33

    I give up!!!

    I'm so frustrated right now I'm about to go nuts. I am new to turkey hunting and I have been on turkeys almost every day. They gobble on the roost and when they hit the ground they shut up. I have tried several different things and I have had hens come to my decoy the last two days, but the...
  12. BG33

    Gun Shy

    I know what I want to do to the dog, but does anybody have any suggestions for a gun shy dog. I don't know what to do. I have hunted her before and killed rabbits, but today as soon as the shots were fired she ran right up under my feet and wouldn't move. Done it all day. She came bad close to...
  13. BG33

    Homemade Dog Box

    Hey guys, I am looking for some ideas on building a dog box. I have a hitch on the back of my hunting ride that is about 4 ft. wide. Just wondering what anybody else has done or ideas of what to build one out of?
  14. BG33

    Rookie to Yotes

    I just bought a Ruger 22-250 and I'm wanting to get into coyote hunting. I've read a lot about it on here and decided to buy this gun. Just wondering what advice you guys would have for a guy just getting started.
  15. BG33

    Got 6 this Morning!

    Got six rabbits this morning. Just thought I'd share it with you. Had a good hunt and a good time with the hunting partners. Nothing like a day out with the dogs.

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