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    Wife gets it done!

    Well I turned my wife loose to hunt on her own for the first time last weekend, and she delivered! I put her in a different spot then we had hunted on Saturday for the simple fact of buck activity. Myself went to another farm where I'm chasing a booner, checked my camera, got settled in, and...
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    Man Cave Completed!

    I finally got my 2014 Buck back to finish up my Man Cave! The taxidermist has mounted 5 deer for me so I wasn't in a hurry and let him work it in. If you're around west central Kentucky I suggest you check him out, Sam Coffey at Custom Wildlife Mounts! Awesome Work! I've got to move the pool...
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    Growing Potential

    These three have sparked my interest so far!!
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    Got my 2013 Mounts Back!!

    So the first one was killed on September 8th as my first bow kill and I was ticked pink to have harvested this guy being it was my first buck with a bow. Scored 131 1/2 The second one came after I had purchased a bonus tag at a charity auction before the season began. Which is a story...
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    2nd BBD of the year!

    So I'm sure some of you that get on here often already know that I killed the 130" 8 on the second day of season and I stated I had purchased the bonus tag at a charity auction. Well I finally got to put it to use Monday afternoon! I had got pictures of this guy from late September till the...
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    Shooting House!

    Let me start off my saying.....before I get a "how much did that cost?!?!?!". Being in the construction business since 1983 most of this stuff was just "laying" around our shop for the most part. I'll start from the ground up! We used 10' 6x6 for skids then done 2x6 floor joist with an 8x8...
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    First Buck With A Bow

    I will try and keep this as short as possible but my passion is something that falls near and dear to my heart. As most of you know my father Keith (aka Predator) when to fight his battle with cancer on a level playing field March 2012. He was the man that taught me everything I know about...
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    2013 Covert Pic's

    Here are a few of my favorite Covert pics from 2013! Sorry about the date and time on a few of the pictures, I actually had that camera stolen but the thief failed to see the other camera so I had his picture and was able to get my camera back! I'm still waiting on a few studs from last year...
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    Everybody smile for the camera!

    I'm ready for the 1'st! It cant get here soon enough!!
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    The Hit List

    Let me know what you think these boys will score!? This is Keith's son Ryan btw This is the best pic I have of him, put out another camera and adjusted this one today so hopefully I can get some better pics
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    Cancer Update-Imput Sought

    As alot of you know, I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer about 14 months ago. I agreed to a clinical trial and recieved 6 3-drug chemo treatments and then 2 drug maintence treatments till I had a light heart attack the first of October, when treatments were supended. During the first 6...
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    Saving shells in West Tennessee.

    I got the opportunity to hunt with some friends in West Tenn. this past week. From the reports we were getting ahead of time, our expectations were not high and we was not disappointed, 7 of us never fired a shot in 2 days. We were hunting the Big Sandy area of Ky Lake. I normally don't hunt...
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    Headed to Iowa!!!

    Non-Typ and I are headed to Iowa in a few days for another bow hunting adventure. You guys can't imagine how much I'm looking forward to this trip,(well I quess you can being hunters). Even after being diagnosed with terminal cancer and having a heart attack less than a month ago, there was...
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    Prayers needed...Sore hip=cancer

    This is tough but I wanted to share. I've been having hip pain since the 1st of November, nothing severe, just a deep ache. Being 52 year old, I figured too many uncomforable treestands, deer camp matresses and duck blind benches. I get it about every year on the side where I carry my billfold...
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    Canada Pics

    We had a great time in Saskatchewan. They had had record rains the week before we arrived and delayed some of the crop harvest and made it tough to get into the fields, but if we could find flooded barley or winter pea holes, it made for great duck hunting. One field yielded over 150 ducks over...
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    Stripped Condos

    I spent this past weekend looking at repo condos on the Gulf Coast. In my years as a Real Estate Broker, I encountered many instances of repo trailers and homes that had the fixtures stripped out of them by the previous owner, but I was surprised at the number of $500,000.00 condos that had had...
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    Noodling Success

    Rough River has been high, so we've been delayed a couple of weeks, but we got these 10 Tuesday afternoon in about 4 hours. Biggest one is around 35#. Young Coley hooked his first fish that evening. The biggest we've gotten this season has been 57#. We are not finding as many fish as we have in...
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    Bounty on Coyotes

    I'm looking for opinions. In Saskaskewan, Canada, they are now offering a $20.00 bounty on every coyote. Because of low fur prices the number of coyotes have increased to a very negative effect on livestock and wildlife populations. Since being implemented the number of coyotes harvested has...
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    Will indiana overtake kentucky in deer hunting?

    This was brought to my attention today by an KDFWR employee who predicts that Indiana will soon overtake Kentucky in overall quality of deer hunting in the near future if things are not reversed in Kentucky. Look at the...
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    Going for 700!

    The CREW has had a great year. Kevin Brooks, Kyle Childress, Jermy Vameter, Don Cottrell, myself along with a few others have killed 663 birds in 18 days this season. Of course 10 days in Canada really helps the numbers, but all was not wine and roses as we had a 2 day hunt in Arkansas that...

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