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    Anybody gonna be trapping at LBL starting tomorrow?
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    Lbl bound

    What area will he be Hunting?
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    Charles Daly Repair

    I'm in Grand Rivers.
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    Charles Daly Repair

    Gun is unloaded, Thanks.
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    Charles Daly Repair

    Does anyone know where i can get my 12 gauge semi auto Charles Daly Shotgun repaired? the action is stuck closed.
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    Smithland KY

    Awesome Deer and I hunt in Smithland also.
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    Got my deer of a lifetime! Marshall county whopper!

    Awesome Deer, Congrats.
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    Got a Otter

    My 14 year old son caught a Otter in one of his Beaver Traps, he is very excited
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    Barkley Dam Bowfishing.

    Anybody Been Shootin any Fish at Barkley Dam?
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    Boat For Deer Hunting

    I hunt a lot using my Boat hunting the Ohio River Islands in Livingston County, and have for years, if your going to hunt open water like the Ohio River buy a big enough boat to handle the wind, by the time you get a couple hunters, tree stands other gear and a deer or two room and freeboard can...