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  1. hunter1hall

    Unit 7 cow week 2 outfitter

    Interested in recommendations of an outfitter in unit 7. This is for a cow second week. Ps....I work at Jim Beam. (Have bourbon).
  2. hunter1hall

    Confused and new

    I got drawn for a cow with a firearm for week 2. I was then drawn for unit 7. I have since found out i may have access to a very large track of private land. I dont know yet what unit its in. My question is am I only allowed to hunt unit 7??
  3. hunter1hall

    The NFAC is coming to Louisville....

    Wasn't sure if this was needed in the politic area or here. Just thought you all should be made aware. Lots of threats being made by the leader of this group.
  4. hunter1hall

    Guns, ammo, ect ect

    So in theory, now that we have control of the House, Senate and president in the 2nd ammendment supporting column, shouldn't demand go drastically down? Prices go down? Supply go up???
  5. hunter1hall

    Found my 2014 buck

    Shot the deer of a lifetime in the 2014 deer season. Thought I made a good shot but couldn't find blood and was torn between looking and bumping this monster. I've replayed it a million times. So I went to a friend's to watch the ufc fights and a property owner from the area I shot the buck...
  6. hunter1hall

    What's the best aftermarket turkey sight

    I have a remington versa max. Looking for a fiber optic sight. Something adjustable. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  7. hunter1hall

    Thanks to the updates on this forum...

    I connected on my biggest buck to date. First 10 pt. Got home from work at 240, checked the forum and people were talking about deer activity picking up after the rain passed through. I checked the radar and it was supposed to end by 310. So I skipped a shower and put my hunting clothes on...
  8. hunter1hall

    New Taurus millennium g2 9mm

    Kentucky gun company made me, yes made me, buy a 9mm. I said I wouldn't buy one. Ever. Yet at $197.00 I think I may buy 2. Anyone have one? They look really good. The reviews seem pretty good. Seems like one helluva deal.
  9. hunter1hall

    New self defense bullet

    This thing is scary. Definitely what I would have in my carry gun. How long before it is outlawed?
  10. hunter1hall

    This is why I loath spiders.....

    Great YouTube channel btw...
  11. hunter1hall

    Advice needed

    I've decided to cast my own bullets for my 500 s&w. My question is, what is the best/economical melting pot out there. I will be using lead from wheel weights. I have virtually an unlimited supply of lead. It only makes sense to utilize it. Any input or advice is greatly appreciated.
  12. hunter1hall

    New cannon. 500 s&w

    Just got it today. Can't wait to shoot it. Anybody else have one? What's your experience with them?
  13. hunter1hall

    Smoked a big male

    Shot this guy today at 4:00pm. 350 yds. 243 loaded with hornady 70grain ballistic tip. Saw 4 shot a second but it managed to get away.
  14. hunter1hall

    Who is out in this weather?

    Treestand role call. Soaked in Washington co. Saw a turkey and a squirrel thus far. Gotta get better. Despite the weather, it has a good feel to the evening. We shall see. Good luck all.
  15. hunter1hall

    Eurasian doves

    Anybody seen or harvested any? Just saw my first while sitting on my front porch. It is noticeably larger and has a very distinguishing black bar on the back of the neck. I remember fish and wildlife saying they were headed our way several years ago, but today was my first encounter.
  16. hunter1hall

    So Terry Meiners has come out anti gun

    Check out his Facebook posts. I really liked that idiot.
  17. hunter1hall

    Anybody wanna take a rookie trapping

    I'd love to go and watch and learn with a trapper in Washington or nearby counties. I've also got a several hundred acre lease id take them to trap. Lots of yotes, there are foxes, and otters. Maybe even beaver, ive seen chewed trees along the creek but not an actual beaver. --- I am...
  18. hunter1hall

    Kdfw is not on my friend list

    I am sitting in my truck this morning debating on whether or not to get out and hunt in the rain, when a car rides by spraying the hillside where I would be hunting if it is not raining. Now, I don't know 100% who it was but I have an idea. I was gonna bring my 7 yr old but didn't. Thank...
  19. hunter1hall

    an ounce of prevention, worth a pound of cure? This happened about three blocks away, all of my kids new him or his siblings. No matter how you cut it, it was a young life cut short. Any and every anti gun left winger is salivating for a story like this. Teen...
  20. hunter1hall

    tagged out!

    Gotta give credit to Jayder85. I thought id wait and go tommorow, but after reading his post, i decided to try it today. It seemed too windy, but i didnt have anything else to do. Left the house a little after noon, got to my hunting spot at 12:45 and turned a gobbler into a ghost by 1:05...