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  1. 00noturkey

    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    they say the pen is mightier then the sword.,, Brandons pen is. he stopped gas production. global warming increases, under his plan to have the biggest polluter in the world, Red China, to produce goods. Kinda defeats the purpose., the earth is warmer, because it gets that way from time to time...
  2. 00noturkey

    Gee....Another Potential Disaster in the Food Supply.......

    cant you cook the flu right out of those birds?, of is it like the Fuchi, flu. the birds need a lot of loaded shots. how come the wild birds dont get the bird flu?,, maybe they do, i just aint seen one.
  3. 00noturkey

    Cement shortage hitting central KY

    i'll go with Ed on this one, electricity.
  4. 00noturkey

    Mass Shootings are Getting Contagious.

    when its a white mental person, it is exploited and made political, when it is not, its just ignored, by the left. course, thats nothing new..
  5. 00noturkey

    Mass Shootings are Getting Contagious.

    kids indoctrinated in schools
  6. 00noturkey

    A great opportunity for Russia?

    the WHO, and the UN, get conTROLL of the US. is that not the stupidest thing ya ever heard of. a guy half across the world gets to tell ya if you can take a dump, an ya gotta ask what color. the UN has the likes of red china among one of the members.. that is crazy. it used to serve the purpose...
  7. 00noturkey

    Musk Wins: Reuters Reports Twitter Accepting Elon’s $43 Billion Offer

    E was at fox once. i forget who this twit is, glad he found a home. another left-leaning hoe. will he survive the NWO, i think not. he served a purpose at one time. not needed now. throw under the buss, they will. expendable. green solvent.
  8. 00noturkey

    Cement shortage hitting central KY

    People, if they have their way. this is all planed by the 4th Reich, the new world order. IMO 2022 Oct. Martial law is decreed. thats the only way they can take the election. still IMO heard a new covid is coming, covid-25. maybe so. 19 aint working out so well for them. maybe 25 will. wonder...
  9. 00noturkey

    Roll your own.

    i made gun powder when i was 11 or 12. my method wasnt as refined as the 1st one. i lit some in the ashtray of my moms new kitchen table. some sulfur balls, skipped out the ashtray, and burned her new table. WHOA, she were madder then a red wasp for a few weeks. :(:(
  10. 00noturkey

    Steve Bannon's Gladiator School to Protect us from Wokeness.

    Axios=Axis perhaps? WWII
  11. 00noturkey

    Sen. Paul

    When is his next term, should he not retire. so i can put out a sign, Pitch Mitch..
  12. 00noturkey

    Kentucky derby

    the Jockey that rode was invited to the White House. he said"if i wanted to see a horses ass, i'd have come in 2nd" one if the greatest quotes of the times we are in. IMO
  13. 00noturkey

    Holodomor - Why the Ukrainians will fight to the death

    the new world order, thats what the leader of ukraine said that whats what they were for. i personally dont like the new world order. i think its a disaster, on many levels. just let people be, the government appROACH, dont work an always cost the people x-tra, a free market is the way. let...
  14. 00noturkey


    just to let ya know., its ok to spray horses or dogs with permithrin, mixed right, just not cats. dont want to get ya carried away. too bad it dont work on politicians. or those that speak/lie for them. got a peppermint in mind.
  15. 00noturkey

    Lost Constitution

    the U.N. is the police, when this happens. its not a joke, but a plan by the far left.
  16. 00noturkey

    Kentucky derby

    a trainer told me once, ya take a piece of straw an poke it in the horses arse on the way to the other side before the horse runs the race, that way it might take a dump, and it make it easier for the horse to win. i got ta tell ya, you always feel better after a dump, so it makes sense to me..
  17. 00noturkey

    Kentucky derby

    thats funny; i bought the unofficial cup, 2 of them, of last place finishers. you ought to be able to bet on both sides of the spectrum. just pick who will win, an bet they lose
  18. 00noturkey

    Lost Constitution

    I guess y'all know at the end of this month, the W.H.O. might have the power to supersede the U.S. constitution, with the powers granted to them by the oblama administration, and this one. come another pandemic the W.H.O. can take conTROLL of the U.S. and the constitution is invalid. Red China...
  19. 00noturkey

    Kentucky derby

    only bet $6, on $1 trifecta. got to twin spires site late. 8 min, before race. i like trifecta betting. didnt hit this year. hit in 2019. that got me over all the times i ever loss. over 11,000, for a $6 dollar bet.
  20. 00noturkey

    Kentucky derby


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