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  1. mwezell

    “Random” Spree of Food Processing Plants Burning Down Is Part of the Food Shortage and Depopulation Plan

    I'm pretty sure that no matter how hard you try, this website will never counter what is about to happen with Twitter. But keep trying to convince everyone. I'm also pretty sure that Biden is demented and libs are about to take a beating in the mid terms. But keep supporting a demented old man...
  2. mwezell

    E-15 is coming.

    Had a bull like that years back. Finally loaded him into a pickup with cattle sides. That sob tried to turn the truck over all the way there! It was a heckuva ride. Left him in there to settle down a little before unloading him. He was a great looking bull and sold good...after he calmed down...
  3. mwezell

    C. A. T. S.

    I agree. Agree or not, UK has one of the best coaches...and FITS FOR THE JOB, anywhere in the country. He's not perfect but he's still a HOF'er with a national title and a huge resume even outside of that. The same people that say we can't afford a top football coach are likely the ones saying...
  4. mwezell

    C. A. T. S.

    What a game that was!
  5. mwezell

    C. A. T. S.

    Defense is the difference. I'm not a big fan of Rick Barnes and he has a history of losing early rounds in the tourney but I think this team has all the pieces to win a title. They do depend a lot on outside shooting though, which could bite them but they're good enough everywhere else that they...
  6. mwezell

    C. A. T. S.

    Your Racers are for real this year. They could make some noise.
  7. mwezell

    Barn removal

    I plan to ask them. Thanks!
  8. mwezell

    C. A. T. S.

    We needed ANYONE to shoot the ball today. UT is good and they are built to beat us, but just one guy that could throw the ball in from outside and UT doesn't collapse down and stall the inside game. It was a bad shooting day and the refs gave the few breaks there were, to the other team. It is...
  9. mwezell

    Synthetic Stocks

    I like nice wood on a hunting rifle, but that's me. I prefer a good synthetic for target use. It moves far less with humidity and temp changes than wood.
  10. mwezell

    Barn removal

    I need some grain bins removed if anyone has any ideas on those. There's I think 8 bins and a 80ft elevator leg with downspouts, fwiw. Maybe a barn too but still torn on if I want to fix it or tear it down.
  11. mwezell

    Dump Trailers

    Shoulda bought one a year ago. Those things have gone up in price like crazy! Handy though...I'm looking for one too. Like you, I have a long gravel drive and I'm not far from a quarry. A good truck driver can make spreading look easy.
  12. mwezell

    Oil Prices!!.....Be Prepared To Pay......

    All very, very bad. All three may well have impacts on our energy, our food supply and our currency. WW3 may be coming.
  13. mwezell

    Don't look into the fireball--possible/perceived national threats

    Calmer and more capable hands have taken control of the ship....but Joe still has the power to override them to protect himself and Hunter. Scary stuff, right there! WHY was a future(and past) presidential candidate's son working for an "energy company" in Ukrain, of all the first...
  14. mwezell

    Farming Insider Warns The Coming Food Shortages Are Going To Be Far Worse Than We're Being Told

    I just bought about all I could afford, at very high land prices, but paid cash. I'm hoping to buy more when they lose it to the bank. Hopefully by then, I've recovered enough to pay cash again. If not...It'll depend on the price and interest rates.
  15. mwezell

    Don't look into the fireball--possible/perceived national threats

    Make no mistake about it...Putin is the enemy but in this case, he's probably right and we should stay out of it, at this point. Its a game of chess and nobody told Biden. He still doesn't know it yet. In all fairness, the match was over before Biden knew anything. Too late now.
  16. mwezell

    Don't look into the fireball--possible/perceived national threats

    Biden is in a tough spot...defend Ukraine or they expose him and his family for what they are. He's walking a tightrope and NATO is letting him do it...for now. Putin smells blood in the water and is in a good position, all around. Nobody wants a real war with us or Russia but it's a dangerous...
  17. mwezell

    280 cal.

    I love my 280AI. It's a 700 that I rebarreled several years ago and put into a CDL stock. I did some minor action truing and chambered it up. It shoots better than it should! I usually shoot 168 Berger Hunting VLD's from it at just under 3000fps and it cuts bullet holes pretty much every single...
  18. mwezell

    Anyone got a HOUSE for sale?

    Does anyone believe land prices will come down anytime soon? I don't. So, even with the high prices, why not buy now?
  19. mwezell

    Build Back Bankrupt Biden Considering Shuttering ANOTHER Pipeline Even as Heating Bills Skyrocket

    All a part of their plan. Soon, they'll have their $15/hr minimum wage and have us all broke and begging for a Green new deal.
  20. mwezell

    Building question

    The 2x12's will likely be fine but the osb waves and curls at 24" centers over time...jme. I'd rather have the rafters closer together or use real plywood. I know lots of builders use 24" centers, just not for me. Materials are still cheaper than repairs. Now, if a metal roof and...