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    Not a bad day to hunt

    Called in 7 only got 4 and missed 1, I hate the miss,hit some small brush in front of me.
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    Another male

    This one came in to around 250yrds so I sent Sam out and she got it to 100 and instead of messing around I took the shot,hit a little low and he took off with Sam heading right after him, about 80 yards he hit the ground and Sam was on him. For the ones who do not know Sam is my decoy dog.
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    Nice male

    Took a long time for this male to come in. But my shooter with me,rick trowel took him at 125 yards right at dark
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    How many of you guys use utvs to hunt. What kind and would you recommend them?
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    Male down

    Went this evening and was able to mouth call this one. The dogs got alittle work but the yote held up at 180 yards and would not come on in. So I took the shot but here they are after getting down there two him.
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    First one in a while

    Took Sam out for the first time sense spring,after calling 5 min or so one showed up be I change calls at the wrong time and that one left driving Sam nuts. Kept calling and another shows up,took the safty off and that one left,about that time some cows showed up and I thought I had left a gate...
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    Called three but only got two

    Called in three and got one but they could not stand Sam running around in the same field so they came back,missed one but got the other.Thank god for decoy dogs
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    called in 5/1/3

    These things can make you look stupid.Last thurs. night called in 5 with no shot,they just keep moving at a good pace and once they got within 100 yards I tried to stop them and they wheeled and took off.This sun morning called in 1 and rick and buddy was able to take this on,was on stand 5-8...
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    1 male decoyed

    Made a set this am and had the caller running about 2 min. and "sam" heads down into this field at a dead run,I look down and to the right and a coyote is coming hard.The coyote and sam meet about 20 ft apart, the coyote starts leaving in a hurry so I tone sam back to me,The coyote looks back...
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    1 for decoy dog

    Made and stand this evening in grant co.over looking some cut corn.After getting set up and playing a couple woodpecker calls my dog starts barking at something to my left.That is the down wind side but I could not see a thing so after 2min of barking I got her back beside me and run another1...
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    Just checking who shoots foxes when called in.I shot a gray a few yrs ago and have not shot one sense.I call some in and nothing wrong with shooting them,for me the only reason I shoot yotes is they killed my dog so I have nothing against foxes.Not trying to start anything just thought I would ask
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    trimble co.

    Went to trimble co. and was able to get 3 coyotes 2 foxes called in with wood pecker call and seen two deer.Ken was able to get on this and take her out at 100 yrds.
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    trapping near lexington

    I would like to talk to someone trapping near lexington.I would like to go with you a few times to work on training some coyote decoy dogs.859-621-5764 --chuck mattingly.Willing to help when I go along.
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    decoy dogs-sometimes bad

    Had these young dogs out for some work today,one dog is 13mos. and one is 10 mos.,the coyote came to the call but stopped at 200 yards and watch the dogs for 20 secs and decided to come closer, at 140 yards he had seen enough and was leaving,first trip for the young dog and the older dog was...
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    male down

    Called in two in owen co. but was only able to get this male.
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    Dog training in progress

    Took a 41 lb. male this morning and drug it around the yard for the dogs to find it.Out of the gate they went to barking and hair standing up,within a few min. they found it and again barking and grapping the yote.Good training,looking forward to spring when I can really use themsam is the older...
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    good but not real good evening

    The first series of calling here came one across the field and stopped looking at sam"dog in the pic" and that was a mistake .One down and with pup in distress here come another.One miss shot.I here barking to my left and there is a large male barking at sam which is about 30 yards. in front to...
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    called two,got one

    The first one came in hot and left hotter,thought I blew the stand but keep calling and the one that left helped.He keep barking and I think that is what brought the other male into me.You guys may want to look at the caldwell tripod, it works great.
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    almost a white coyote

    Went this morning and after calling in three with one hit that we could not find we went to make 1 last stand and had been calling about 20 min we no response.I told ken to tell me what this next call was.The call call was a wolf howl and at the end of that call a coyote started callenge barking...
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    Late but thats ok

    Did some scouting this morning and about 10 am decided to make a stand.had the caller running for about 10 min. when this one showed up and was able to take him at 80 yrds.That getting up early may no be every thing it is cracked up to be.LOL