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  1. bondhu

    Garden 2022

    So you pull the geotextile fabric up at the end of the season to store through the winter?
  2. bondhu

    Garden 2022

    No should be fine
  3. bondhu

    Trapping photos 2021/2022

    Gotta be the old style Victor.
  4. bondhu

    Wife drew Wy bull tag

  5. bondhu

    When do yall start....

    BIL started one years ago with just free salt packs from fast food joints. I was with him 1 time and he freshen it up up with 10-15 packs. His spot looked as good as my trophy rock spot.
  6. bondhu

    OH Turkey 2022

  7. bondhu

    Mountain bird

  8. bondhu


    It should be posted in your profile on there web page , just scroll down to quota draws. At least mine was in 2019
  9. bondhu

    Bless again

    WOW congrats
  10. bondhu

    Week 2 Bull Firearm

  11. bondhu


  12. bondhu

    2021 buck back for the wall

  13. bondhu


    Don't know, didn't use a recipe. Called it tartar because we ate it raw. The ingredients used was the same I used for King Salmon on the Little Sue in Alaska. Called it Ceviche , only because the salmon was raw.
  14. bondhu

    Then and now...

    Congrats on the 38
  15. bondhu

    Mason tags out 5-7-22 with a good one

  16. bondhu

    Kentucky derby

    It looked as though the jockey was using both hands on that right lead. Never have seen a horses head pulled that hard in a race.
  17. bondhu

    Kentucky derby

    Thanks Buzz , I owe you a cool one! After reading your post and reminded of the fire. I bet $2 across the board.
  18. bondhu

    So between work on the kitchen

    great congrats
  19. bondhu

    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    And this just aint right!
  20. bondhu

    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Damn thats purddy