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  1. riverboss

    Elk draw results 2022 are posted

    I saved my money, feel like I just won the lottery! Now I can fill my push mower up with the money I saved.
  2. riverboss

    Baby formula

    Alot! well most every Democrat has found out Biden is a joke! I mean that the Democratic party is a joke! GG is just a slow learner.
  3. riverboss

    Refurbing an Old Hatchet

    Very nice! I like 🪓 I wish I had the patience to make handles but I usually start out great then rush to finish it.
  4. riverboss

    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    Joe Biden is going to be the best EV salesman even if it cost us our country!
  5. riverboss

    Lowest harvest totals in last 12 years

    Do we have a turkey number decrease? Yes we do! Let's just take that it's going to get better attitude all by itself! Sounds smart doesn't it? I would sooner kill one bird in the spring as not kill any in 5 more yrs! Something needs to be done and the sooner the better!
  6. riverboss

    Mass Shootings are Getting Contagious.

    79 yr old man with dementia going on a spending spree breaking citizens of the USA and killing the entire country! This is what this country needs to see as front page news story, instead we get story's that help hide the real issue's and allow the country to be ruined. Prayers for those...
  7. riverboss

    The New Military Round....

    I think they want a new round so people can't get ammo like they could for the 308 and 223! Is this new round going to be reloadable by the public?
  8. riverboss

    2021 buck back for the wall

    Man that's got some width to it! Very nice buck.
  9. riverboss

    Cement shortage hitting central KY

    Got a buddy in Northern ky that's been waiting for 22yrds for over a week.
  10. riverboss

    Week 2 Bull Firearm

  11. riverboss

    Did the Baby killers just get spanked?

    The way it was set up? People have sex be it black white red or yellow or green! How is it set up that more black people get it? Condoms are free to who ever wants them if they go to clinics I believe, just like cancer, I have read menthol cigarettes cause the black community's to have higher...
  12. riverboss


    That's awsome news! Hope he kills a big one.
  13. riverboss

    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    Yea we are heading out west in a month for a road trip my fuel has already doubled as of now! Around 5,000 miles maybe 6,000 before we are done!
  14. riverboss

    Fox population?

    My only concern is my 18lb jack russell she thinks everything wants to play and the wife leaves her have run of the yard all day, at night when I get home she's got toys and bones laying all over the sidewalk.
  15. riverboss

    Browning x Bolt

    Finally got around to dipping my new 7mm mag! After lots of trying to find the right combination of base and pattern I settled on this, I'm very pleased and think I'm finally the hang of it.
  16. riverboss

    Fox population?

    Yea it's here for my rabbits, it chased one out of the brush a couple nights ago into my driveway the fox ran out and the rabbit went back in! We have several rabbits I'm sure they are going to be in trouble.
  17. riverboss

    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    But But! Trump said mean things!
  18. riverboss

    Fox population?

    Got a red hanging around my yrd now, haven't seen one in over 20 yr around here.
  19. riverboss

    Wholesale inflation climbs 11% in April, remaining near 40-year high

    call it what you want but you never hit a lick to help anyone but yourself! just like all the Democrats in our government are doing now!