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  1. James Scott White

    Abandoned treestands

    Throw them in the truck. They ain’t coming back.
  2. James Scott White

    Still holding antlers.

    Figure they will be dropping soon but this is a cool pic. 6 bucks, all still holding.
  3. James Scott White

    Anyone use a 20 gauge?

    Used to use one a lot! Does the job well. I used an extra-full turkey choke. Nothing smaller than hi-brass number 6’s.
  4. James Scott White

    Food plots

    I’m with the majority on here. Clover is super hard to beat. I plant mine in the fall with a grain- either wheat or rye. Grains will be there early winter and first thing to green up then when you mow it you got that good clover base to carry you on. I only mow mine about twice and always with a...
  5. James Scott White

    Coyotes During Gun Season

    I shot one on opening morning. Shot my buck that night- let him lay 2 hours and the freaking things chewed off a back ham before I got back to him with the Polaris. Unreal to me. Haven’t been back out but still have several showing up on cameras I’d like to remove.
  6. James Scott White

    Deer use of logging roads?

    I hunt them and love doing so. Deer use them as a path of least resistance and they use them as scrape lines. I choose places on the road where a deer trail crosses it, or even 2 if I can find it. Add a scrape and/or water hole and you have an awesome spot.
  7. James Scott White

    Telecheck Question for kids

    Online is WAY easier and faster. Just go to Kentucky fish and wildlife, and click on “telecheck” it’s a breeze.
  8. James Scott White

    Cursed farm?

    Talk him into planting clover around the outside or in pockets. Works for a great cover crop too to add nitrogen for the grain.
  9. James Scott White

    Cursed farm?

    It’s some work but I promise you will not be disappointed if you do them. They completely changed the game for me- I cannot recommend them enough.
  10. James Scott White

    My first deer

    Way to go!
  11. James Scott White

    best round for hunting Kentucky Whitetails

    As soon as I typed that, I knew I’d eat my words lol. You’re right, there will definitely be wrong answers lol
  12. James Scott White

    Opening morning 12 point

    Cool buck! Congrats!
  13. James Scott White

    best round for hunting Kentucky Whitetails

    Retweet on bowhunter’s comment. I primarily use 30-06, secondary is a 25-06 for a flatter, longer, trajectory. No wrong answers will be found on this thread.
  14. James Scott White

    Cursed farm?

    Sounds like a great place and has a lot of potential. I’ve been working on a very similar sounding property. Lots of hardwoods, plenty of water, decent cover, and several old clear cuts/fields. My experience on what seems like good habitat is that there is really just not enough really high...
  15. James Scott White

    Nov 13th. Rifle opener roll call!

    thank you all! Here’s a better look in daylight this morning. I love this forum. Good luck to all today.
  16. James Scott White

    Nov 13th. Rifle opener roll call!

    That’s exactly what happened to me. Bout half gutted. Lost one ham and a little tinder loin. Thanks!
  17. James Scott White

    Nov 13th. Rifle opener roll call!

    Let him lay 2 hours after dark to give him plenty of time. Coyotes paid me back from taking out one of their numbers this morning by getting to my buck before I got back. Not sure if 12 or 13 scoreble points yet. Took me hours to get him out by myself. Finally able to post. Congrats to everyone...
  18. James Scott White

    When’s Lunch?

    Next time came quickly. In another stand about half a mile away. Saw 3 does coming in. Fresh rubs and a scrap right next to my stand. Got my belly full though- hot soup and Viennas. Don’t tell my wife about the Viennas though lol.
  19. James Scott White

    When’s Lunch?

    I always hunt as much as I can opening weekend of rifle. Sometimes I bring lunch and sit all day. Killed a yote this morning and passed on a couple young bucks. Today’s wind has me ready to crawl out and go make some soup but I love to see those mature bucks moving around noon as it does happen...
  20. James Scott White

    Just a question..

    At my place I’m looking for a good 3 year old or better. I put out cameras to get an inventory and usually have 3-4 I can identify easily but body size is a big thing to me. I hunt to fill the freezer with my buck tag if possible. If it’s got a good rack, that’s just a plus. Passed on several 2...

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