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  1. J

    Thursday afternoon who's goin

    Seen one 6 pt. got to watch him make a rub
  2. J

    Thursday afternoon who's goin

    Got a fresh rub about 20 yards from my stand. Shavings piled up at the base of the cedar. Got in about 3
  3. J

    Thursday afternoon who's goin

    Gonna hit the stand for the first time this season. Temperature sucks but the wind will be right and it's that time of year. Debating on when to get to stand since it's so warm. What time are u all gonna be in the stand? I was originally thinking 2 since it's dark at 6 but the hot weather makes...
  4. J

    Anyone out this afternoon???

    I'm out but the deer aren't yet.
  5. J

    what time to get in stand

    what time should a person get in the stand if they are hunting tomorrow afternoon?
  6. J

    C.O. Ability to question you while hunting

    So the OP simply asked a simple straight forward question. it took forever and a day to get an answer. why does everyone think you are a law breaker if you ask a question pertaining to the law? why does everyone assume you hate COs because you are asking about their powers? I personally follow...
  7. J

    C.O. Ability to question you while hunting

    Since u read just about every post but apparently not this one ill show u it again since u think hunting is a privilege in kentucky: "The citizens of Kentucky have the personal right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife, using traditional methods, subject only to statutes enacted by the...
  8. J

    C.O. Ability to question you while hunting

    Not trying to insult me? What was the point of ur post. Obviously u havent read "just about every post" on this thread or u would know that a CO can come onto your property without a warrant or probably cause. Please go back and read the posts. I guess I'm not an adult because my opinion differs...
  9. J

    C.O. Ability to question you while hunting

    The government owns the animals? Then they need to start paying landowners for the food they provide to the "governments animals." If the government owns whitetail deer and those deer eat acorns from a private landowners land then the government needs to pay grazing fees to that land owner...
  10. J

    C.O. Ability to question you while hunting

    I know the jordanc57 and he is as law abiding as they come. I can't believe the things I've read in this thread. I guess I had never thought about drivin and hunting as privelages but it burns me up to hear that now. You mean we pay all these taxes on gasoline, income etc so the government can...
  11. J

    Thursday roll call

    sit tight guys. made a rookie mistake again today. heres the story. walking in in the dark got blown out. no big deal happens alot and still see/kill deer later. sit til 855 not seen a single thing, frustrated with hunting and getting up early every day not harvesting anything decide to climb...
  12. J

    Processing ur own deer

    I'm a rookie to processing. My friend gut shot a buck about 5 yesterday. He called me to track. We found it about 8 and gutted it on be spot. I may have made some mistakes: didnt wash out the cavity before I hung the deer and didnt fill it with Ice. Just got done eating lunch gonna try to debone...
  13. J

    hunt saturday or sunday?

    I can only hunt one day this weekend. Which one would you hunt? I was thinking saturday should be better because the weather will be letting up but i noticed the wind is gonna be around 16 mph. Sunday the wind looks to be much lighter but saturday is the colder day out of the two. So which day...
  14. J

    Last time your license was checked?

    never. only time ive ever heard of my buddies being checked was at a family dove shoot and i dont even think they were checked the gw was most likely there to shoot the shhh
  15. J

    Roll Call for Friday

    I got out of the tree at 11am no luck. nice morning tho. how does the time stamp work on here? seems to be 2 hours behind me and im in eastern ky. I know western ky is an hour back but not sure what this time stamp is based on
  16. J

    Roll Call for Friday

    Seems like woods arejustnow waking up. Birds woodpeckers and geese are all finally making some noise. I might stay another hour. Good luck
  17. J

    Roll Call for Friday

    How long u all gonna hunt? I may get down about 10am if I don't see anything by then
  18. J

    Roll Call for Friday

    Nice morning here in Fleming co. Alittle movement before first light now not a thing. Sitting in a white oak grove acorns are about knee high on the ground.
  19. J


    Thanks, I just sent him a message. If anyone else knows anything please let me know.

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