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    Training Beagles

    We used to pick up road killed rabbits and drag them around on a string like Tankt said. Apparently some or maybe all are born knowing what to do. My son`s pet beagle never had any kind of training at all and she`s the rabbit runningest beagle I`ve ever seen. If she sees a deer she`ll run after...
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    Don`t know how much money you`re wanting to spend but these might be worth a look. Says they have limited stock in Bowling Green if it`s worth your drive, I`d call first before making the trip. If not it`s free shipping, probably wouldn`t get it before Saturday though. They do have some...
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    I used to work at a church and had to go lock up and turn everything off after services on Wednesday and Sunday nights. The Sunday school building had a second floor and I was always hearing what sounded like someone walking upstairs. My brother went with me one night to lock up and he just...
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    Trump is done.

    You forgot and slow. I could be mean here but I won`t. I will say you`re embarrassing yourself and apparently don`t even realize it. I`m done, carry on.
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    Trump is done.

    With some of the shit you`ve been coming off with lately your`s don`t appear to even be in the socket. I`m sure quite few others on here would agree.
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    Trump is done.

    Not necessarily as a fan but absolutely as someone not bothered in the least by a lowlife kneeling for the anthem. Light bulb on now?
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    Trump is done.

    My son told me pretty much no one in his platoon likes slow joe. Of course when the dumb SOB called soldiers stupid bastards for not clapping for something obviously not worth clapping for then lying his ass off trying to say he was just joking, it`s a wonder anyone in the military would like...
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    Let's go Brandon!!!

    Yeah, brandon is doing such a great job there`s no way in hell Trump stands a chance against him in a legitimate election. He`s done. lolololol
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    Trump is done.

    Have you fell and hit your head really hard sometime lately? Exploring your feminine side? The sauce finally pickled your brain? GG kidnapped you and took over your account??? Like Drake said, this won`t amount to a hill of beans to Trump`s base. Get you a BIG poster of Trump, look at it and...
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    Trump is done.

    Like I`ve always said, if the truth hurts... change it. In this case if he was my neighbor, I`d say I couldn`t agree more.
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    Trump is done.

    Every word of it is the truth. He should have also threw in what a dumbass he was for endorsing slow joe and thinking Trump had anything to do with the horrible lol going on`s on the 6th. In a legitimate election Trump would smoke slow joe`s ass the same as the last time and anyone that thinks...
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    The post anything thread

    From everything I`ve seen on TV it`s always been the payee that asks if you`re looking for a date, not the payer. Probably expecting you`d pay a high dollar, figuring a homely girl such as yourself would pay dearly for some lovin. Money talks. Dude should have gave you a break, you might have a...
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    No Baiting or Mineral/Salt Blocks

    That`s the dept`s plan if it`s confirmed in the state.
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    Cumberland Stripers

    That`s how I`ve always described it, the firmness makes it more like eating steak than fish... which makes it one of my favorite fish since I like steak more than fish. Try cutting it up in small chunks and deep frying it with beer batter on it. It`s awesome.
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Barney, have you ever considered opening up a restaurant... preferably real close to where I live? I have no doubts if you could find enough people around the world that can put together food the way you can you could have a chain of restaurants that would be bigger than McD`s.
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    Insurrection is not patriotism

    Wasn`t replying to you so I don`t care if you care or not. Was just joking, except for the part about hunter`s paintings being BS. The only 2 people that I thought might take it seriously on this forum is you and journetta. Which I must say that I`m surprised you have enough sense to have doubts...
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    Insurrection is not patriotism

    No war is a great thing but unfortunately it turns out obama knew exactly what he was talking about when he said, don`t underestimate joe`s ability to f**k things up. I think a 5 year old with a little common sense could have done a much better job of getting out.
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    Insurrection is not patriotism

    Did you hear Trump is buying up all of Hunter`s paintings? Yep, to wipe his ass with and sell for a huge profit. Everyone knows Trump`s real shit is worth a whole lot more than any biden bullshit. Now that`s a smart business man, unlike some money laundering crack head that talks his stupid ass...
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    Vaccine issues

    Yeah, that`s why it shocked me so bad. I knew a quarter wouldn`t stick to a magnet plus me an maw had jus weent doun to da crick bout tree weaks befour dat an had ourn somer baf so I knew that couldn`t be what was causing it. :D
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    Vaccine issues

    When I got home after getting my first poke, haven`t had the second yet... can`t make up my mind to get it or not, my wife said, let`s do the quarter thing and see if it sticks. I laughed a little, she came over and peeled the funky band aid off and just gently put the quarter on my arm and it...

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