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  1. chris1975

    What a morning.

    Alright just askin
  2. chris1975

    What a morning.

    What made you uncomfortable with the shot?
  3. chris1975

    VERY Slow action

    Same story here in Jefferson co. 4/5 morning sits zero. Gonna switch to evening only i guess
  4. chris1975

    Anybody out this morning??

    I over slept this morning so im going this afternoon/evening. What's everyone seeing more in morning or evening?
  5. chris1975

    G5 CMax

    has anyone tried the new g5 cmax arrow rest
  6. chris1975

    any late rut action?

    Sunday looks good
  7. chris1975

    Fresh rubs???

    Seems like they're getting frustration out if the does are out of heat
  8. chris1975

    Fresh rubs???

    today I stumbled across a line of fresh rubs good as I was. I thought it would be too late in the season to see well I guess not
  9. chris1975

    Roll Call Thanksgiving

    Who's out here w me on this beautiful morning? Even if I dont get anything just being out here w the snow on the ground is thanks enough. Good luck!
  10. chris1975

    Sunday roll call!!!!!!!!!! 11-16-2014

    Im clocking in boss
  11. chris1975

    tracking deer makes hunting spot no good

    I h7nt a working farm so thsts my situation. Im back in here this morning lookin for another thx
  12. chris1975

    tracking deer makes hunting spot no good

    Thx man I think i will cuz i saw so much activity around my stand this morning i hate to not go back
  13. chris1975

    tracking deer makes hunting spot no good

    Shot a doe today and followed her blood trail until it dissappeared. Searched for 2 more hours then called it off. Will all the looking round make my spot and all around it not any good to hunt for a while. Or can i go back in the morning to the same stand?
  14. chris1975

    Saturday Rollcall

    Im here in Jefferson co. Beautiful out this morning
  15. chris1975

    cold morning

    Im here in Jefferson co. Beautiful this morning
  16. chris1975

    Day to day deer activity

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. Im just a little discouraged because I haven't seen any since that first cold snap on Nov 2. Then on opening morning of gun the guy on the next farm that backs up to a subdivision here in Jefferson Co. Shoots one hell of a buck 9ptr with crazy mass. With only...
  17. chris1975

    Day to day deer activity

    it seems like deer movement is the same all over the state from day to day if John Smith is in seeing anything on his side of the state it seems like Joe Schmo isn't seen anything either. I know wheather is a factor but when they're not moving there not moving anywhere. it's easy to tell by...
  18. chris1975

    Monday roll call

    I didn't see my first deer until 11:30 yesterday I think I'm going to head out about one and sit till dark this is getting frustrating
  19. chris1975

    Burnt out stand

    if you've never been busted in your stand at a particular site but the deer sightings have decreased do you consider the stand burnt out and no good
  20. chris1975

    scent wicks

    Does anyone leave their scent wicks out after each hunt and just refresh them on your next hunt?

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