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    Straight Vanes or Helical??

    Suthrn you you shoot almost the exact setup as me. as far as the broadhead and draw length. I have never been able to get a perfect bullet hole either. I believe its the spline of the arrow. I always have a concistant right tear about a quarter to half inch. I shoot 4inch vanes and it groups...
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    One Cam or Two

    when the string and cable stretches on a two cam its out of time. when the string stretches on a one cam obviously it can't be out of time but it will be out of tune. I still they are about the same. Once you got em set they are set.
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    One Cam or Two

    Sorry about that. I posted under smiley. thats what happens when you let someone use your computer and they don't log off!! Just kiddin with ya Jason!!
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    what kind of dogs yall hunt

    Just curious what is an english?
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    Open fields

    If a field is covered up with deer sign and your not seeing the deer set up on there travel routes to the field.
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    goldtips and rocket miniblasters. May switch to a slightly heavier Rocket next season.
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    Rocket Broadheads

    how did the heads hold up?
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    Trophy hunters Archery club in Grayson

    Must have missed you highbow. I sighned in at 2 maybe next time. Not a bad shoot but the weather sucked!!![xx(]
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    Trophy hunters Archery club in Grayson

    I can be there anytime but i'm not even sure when the sign in times are.
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    Trophy hunters Archery club in Grayson

    I'm going to try to be there i'm fighting a terrible cold or somthing.
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    Trophy hunters Archery club in Grayson

    Are they shooting this weekend and if so is anyone going to be there?
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    releases ?

    I shoot a scott mongoose. I will learn to shoot a back tension when i have time, but i want to learn to shoot one the proper way or not at all!!!
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    any luck?

    When i was in Alabama back in Mid october there were deer still in velvet. I was only 45 to 50 minutes from Florida.
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    Trophy Hunters Archery Club

    Let me know if you ever decide to make it up this way. And keep me informed about the EKA shoots. Hope you get to feeling better!
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    Trophy Hunters Archery Club

    Highbow do you plan on being there if so what time??
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    What bow do you shoot?

    Pearson Freedom
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    Favorite/hated targets?

    Pukeing turkey sounds about right(thats what it looks like and thats how I feel when I see it!) You guys are right about the rhineharts they just don't have any definition
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    Fall Away rest

    I would recomend a drop away that ties directly to the cable. When your cable slide gets wet or dusty it tends to chatter down the Cable gaurd. So thats why I would stay away from the drop aways that tie into the Cable slide.
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    crimson talon broadheads

    They are not tough thats for sure. shoot them into a broadhead target one time and when you pull them out the blades will bend or snap off. By the way what kind of mechanical heads were you shooting?
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    whatcha shootin ?

    03 pearson freedom , home made drop away rest, 10" Xring stab, 5 pin trophy ridge. Gold tip 5575 3D pro arrows. 70#

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