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  1. bmason

    Survey says,!!!!!! Calendar ducks are a real thing.

    Hunting ducks into February is not an option. That is a federal mandate. However, the state can manipulate days and splits until Jan. 31st. Honestly, would hunting into February make a difference? This past youth weekend in Ballard County, it wasn't that there were 100,000 birds and it was...
  2. bmason

    Survey says,!!!!!! Calendar ducks are a real thing.

    Because the corn clubs aren't pumped? For years the Woodduck/teal season opened on a Wednesday. That was moved to a Saturday opener in the name of more hunter opportunity. Taking a Tuesday-Friday from the split split and adding a weekend would do the same. I'd say a vast minority of the...
  3. bmason

    Survey says,!!!!!! Calendar ducks are a real thing.

    Can we convince the powers that be to adjust the season dates to take advantage of the migration that happens in Late October - Early November? I'm not a mallard purest and will gladly harvest MOST waterfowl that are available. I recognize the Fed puts parameters on the season, but early...
  4. bmason

    West Ky Youth Hunts

    Great weekend of waterfowling! It never ceases to amaze me how dumb the birds get after 5 days of no pressure and how smart they get after 1!
  5. bmason

    21/22 Super Thread

    West KY Youth and Goose!!
  6. bmason

    21/22 Super Thread

    Several new birds rode the wind today.
  7. bmason

    Electronic Federal Duck Stamp

    Well as of today, Missery or the Fed, has not sent my federal waterfowl stamp. I called KDFW and asked if I'd get ticketed. The person I spoke with said the regulations state we must physically have the signed Fed stamp in our possession. I'm not sure I agree. If I have proof of purchase in...
  8. bmason

    Ballard co. Quota hunt

  9. bmason

    Serious question

    Great read from the "Glory Days!"
  10. bmason

    2021-22 Quota Hunts

    What he said!!! They roost in the private corn and eat all night.
  11. bmason


    I've seen poults every time I've been out in August and September at several WMAs and private land. More than I've ever seen. Taylor-Green-Casey-Adair-Boyle-Marion
  12. bmason

    Electronic Federal Duck Stamp

    When you physically receive your stamp, do you carry it to the field?
  13. bmason

    Electronic Federal Duck Stamp

    I procrastinated and went with the electronic stamp on the Missouri DNR App. I'll receive a physical stamp within 45 days. Do you suppose I'll get ticketed? I have proof of purchase in my name.
  14. bmason

    Kansas Waterfowl trip

    I’m planning a trip to southeast Kansas with some friends for late December. We’re planning to hunt public and/or private walk-in. We’re going to pull a boat and take layouts. If anyone is willing to share some thoughts, ideas, or do’s/don’ts I would appreciate any and all suggestions.
  15. bmason

    Fixes for low turkey numbers?

    This is my take: I don't believe food is a problem, most say there has been very little habitat change. Population limiting Factors typically go something like: Predation, disease, competition, weather, natural disaster. My opinion is that if we want more birds we have to control what we can...
  16. bmason

    WTB Climber stand

    I found one here in Danville. Thank you
  17. bmason

    WTB Climber stand

    Looking for a climber stand. If ya got you laying around, let me know.
  18. bmason

    As if 2020 couldn't get worse.

    Great.... Just great.
  19. bmason

    20-21 season thread

    I had the most miserable opening day that I have ever had. I hunted with my son, nephew, and good friend on Green River wma. I went to 1-2 acre buckbrush hole that was well off the beaten paths and main roads. Got to the place I had scouted 2-3 times plenty early and put decoys out etc. Was...
  20. bmason

    20-21 season thread

    I have spent the last 2 days locating birds. We have a bunch of woodducks in central KY. #can'twait

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