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    Kentucky derby

    I’ve never lost a bet on a horse.
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    The SOS is getting old. How about a picture thread?

    Anybody else see a face in that disc?
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    Bought my boys some new STAN ONNEX releases

    I have a Carter resistance release. It helped me.
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    Stomach bug????

    My son and I just got over it. Took about 24-36 hours to get over it. It was bad.
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    Predator control tonight

    Lookin good on the wood
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    Training for shed dog I don’t know how good they work but you might try this.
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    Just lost power here in Henderson co. Lots of ice out there. Looks like nearly half an inch in places.
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    Looking for hunting and fishing friends

    Go to some of your WMA’s right now and do a little shed hunting and get to know the lay of the land. Shoot some squirrels while you’re at it.
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    Weird names for animals/Old timey names for animals

    On trail cameras: House cat=panther Black house cat=black panther
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    The SOS is getting old. How about a picture thread?

    I like the UNC and Duke birdhouses with the UK hat.
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    Favorite Movies

    Lonesome Dove.
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    Most hated food?

    I love buttermilk as an ingredient but I can not drink it. Loved it as a kid but it makes me gag now.
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    Need a good trapper
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    Range Finder

    Vortex ranger
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    11/20 roll call

    My son is hunting and I’m hanging out in the cabin this morning. I put mine in the freezer yesterday.
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    Nov 13th. Rifle opener roll call!

    Have a couple dogs running all over the place. They ran 2 does away from my son. Perfect!
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    4yrs later Old Bruiser dead

    I remember seeing pictures of that deer D. Congrats to your boy.
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    Everyone ready trapping starts Monday

    Boiled my MB 550’s this past weekend. Going to dye them this week. It’ll be my first year going after yotes. Going to start after gun season.
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    Hunting boots

    Kenetrek boots with darn tough merino wool socks.

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