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    Stupid Snow

    Count your blessings, we currently have freezing rain in central Kentucky. Haven't seen one flake of snow!!
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    Fireplace or wood stove?

    Our log home is completely electric with heat pumps. It is however "outdoor wood burner ready", as all equipment is in place. If we would place a fireplace in our home, our homeowners insurance premium would increase greatly!!
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    biggest deer you have harvested ?

    250 Pound 10-point Buck taken on my property during the 2009 Rifle Season.
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    Good So Far.....Weather

    We have very heavy rain falling @ 2:18 PM est, in Taylor Co. Had some freezing drizzle earlier though.
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    Sawtooth oak question

    Your Sawtooth Oak is called a Korean Oak, and it is a very good tree to add to your habitat program. I had several growing up where I use to live in Southern Indiana. They are fast growing and will produce acorn in just 20 years, and Deer love them & they are a hardy tree.
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    Ice storm heading this way!

    No Ice precipitation here where I am (YET), just plain rain but the temp. right now is 33 degrees. You'd think that at that temp. it would be snowing; but my Brother, who knows more about weather than I, says that the reason some are receiving freezing rain, is due to global warming. That is...
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    Mass Killings Study

    No joke or any sarcasms intended. Just look at the shooter's profile, if/when they make it public. They are mostly on some type of drug for depression or other mental illness. Then we have those individuals that play these violent computer games, who are on these meds. then the law abiding...
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    Mass Killings Study

    So do I!!! With some 230 mass killings since 2006, tells me that our current Gun control Laws are a complete failure, laws that don't work. Before "Big Pharma" placed anti-depressant medication in the hands of Doctors; there were fewer mass shootings. Also, all these violent computer games...
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    Ice storm heading this way!

    I remember the Ice Storm of 2009 VERY WELL!!:eek-new: My Brother & I lost power for 15 days, but we stuck it out and stayed in our home having a generator to use to make coffee and run our microwave. When the road cleared enough we ate dinners in town. On about the fourth night without power...
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    Put a Hunting on the Squirrel Population

    72 Squirrels??? That's a lot of Squirrel Dinners!!:D
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    What are you shootin for squirrels?

    I am using my CZ 452 American in .22 LR for my late Squirrel Hunting.
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    Another Pot stir thread

    The answer, to a lack of a place to hunt, is to buy your own land inwhich to hunt on.
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    Next years hunting trip

    You might have to lease in either State. Finding private hunting areas is becoming difficult in Indiana, where you don't have to lease, due to developments. Public hunting areas are usually crowded especially during their firearm season. Ohio has more public hunting areas, as to how crowded...
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    new England firearms pardner 410

    I own the same .410 H&R Topper too. Bought mine back in 1969 and If I remember right I paid $75 for mine (New). Great shotgun for hunting Squirrels & Rabbits with 3" shells #5 Shot. Even shot one Groundhog with a .410 Slug too!
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    This whole crap with the .22 shells....

    Makes me happy that I bought several boxes of 100 CCI Mini-Mags HPs back in 2007 paying $3.75 per box!:) Bought a couple boxes of 550 shells of Federal Brand, & two Winchester Super-X Bricks of .22 LRHPs when I moved down here in 2008.:)
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    what if

    "They" already do have their hands on wildlife.
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    what if

    If Kentucky Dept. Of F & W is part of the State Government, they should receive monies from the General Fund.
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    what if

    I believe they have to work within their budget, or the amount of money the State provides the Department.
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    2013 EHD or Poaching Problem in Kentucky

    Wasn't that the overall plan, of the KDFW, to reduce the numbers of Deer in some counties. When I attended Murray State U., I remember, my Wildlife Biology Class, went on field trips to WMA's where the State was trapping Deer and moving them to Eastern Kentucky Counties, back in the 1970's...
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    Redfield revenge accu ranger

    I once owned a couple of Redfield "accu-trac" scopes, that I used on my Colorado hunts. What you do is place the top range "hair" on the back of the Deer with the bottom "hair" at the base of the Deer's belly. You might have to increase your scope's power to do this. At the lower right hand...

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