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  1. ddwhitetails

    Early chasing

    every year the little guys will chase way before the season starts...they don't know any better!!
  2. ddwhitetails

    Get to the woods now

    Wow some people are Mr. obviuos!! Who wouldn't have known this would be a good night LOL!!
  3. ddwhitetails

    Corn prices

    paying 8 dollars for 80lb bags! have to buy 20 but its worth it!!
  4. ddwhitetails

    August 4th devotional, the evil one

    I am so disappointed in the lack of views on your posts! I have not been on this site in a long time and this is refreshing to see!! Be Blessed!
  5. ddwhitetails

    Rare Deer Pic

    Nice very rare!
  6. ddwhitetails


    sink some cover in the pond so the small fish can hide
  7. ddwhitetails

    Another bait ban proposal?

    You are obviously worried about one thing and thats yourself? You must not have kids? And God Bless them if you do, because you could care less about their hunting future. Let me ask you this, What do you think is going to happen (and already has been) when the hunter numbers keep declining...
  8. ddwhitetails

    Fertilizer on clover plot

    I'd lime it for sure!! Clover loves its lime....
  9. ddwhitetails

    Another bait ban proposal?

    Yeah i would miss it for getting my trial cam pictures and seeing what shooters are around for the year! but I prefer food plots.....but will use bait if it was gonna make me successful.
  10. ddwhitetails


    Sorry Didn't realize he was a friend and I apologize! Simply wish the best for you friend!!
  11. ddwhitetails


    Its all good and i am sorry, but if you looked at it from someone who didn't know, it looked ignorant! Again, didn't know and i apologize for my comment mister!
  12. ddwhitetails

    She told me she ready

    Man I will never forget my sons and I's first deer hunt ever!! Its the best and you should be excited!!
  13. ddwhitetails

    She told me she ready

    Exciting times ahead!!
  14. ddwhitetails


    Sorry to hear about your job bud! And i can't believe the ignorant message that Ed guy left you. No where were you being negative. And when you start reaching our age, losing a job is a big deal! Especially when you put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into your job over the years!! I hope all...
  15. ddwhitetails

    The Biggest Ginseng patch I've ever seen!

    I'd like to know how many of these i have stepped on and walked past inn my life time so far!! I wouldn't recognize it if it was smack in my face! probably got it growing like crazy on my farms. Where does it like to grow??
  16. ddwhitetails

    May 18th Devotional

  17. ddwhitetails

    Would Appreciate Your Prayers

    prayers gone up
  18. ddwhitetails

    Any of Y'all ever seen a UFO?

    There is a lot our government doesn't tell us about. I know they are out there testing it. They will never tell us about the new inventions they have going on nor should they if it means protecting us for the future!
  19. ddwhitetails

    Weimariner puppies

    They are beautiful dogs but very bad breed. they are very aggressive and horrible dogs to have around children
  20. ddwhitetails

    Meuller report is done

    whats there left for him to say? LOL! He will have some silly comment when he climbs out of his deep depression.

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