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    2021-2022 Deer Photo Thread

    Pike county 10 point
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    No Baiting or Mineral/Salt Blocks

    This may have already been discussed but it has already been proposed no baiting including minerals statewide in Ky next year. Food plots will be ok.
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    Fort Knox explanation/process

    Does a bow or crossbow have to be registered. I did read that you could use a crossbow with a disability permit
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    Small 8 just came back through
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    Lots of action so far here in Pike County. Started out with a small 8 point come in behind. Then after he left seen something running up on the point above me but it had went over the other side. So I hit the van call a few times then she popped up right in front of me. Not long after that 2...
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    Early muzzle loader weekend thread

    Heard one shot and seen a doe and fawn so far here in pike county
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    2020 deer processors

    Justice processing and taxidermy 179 Ramey Fork Road Raccoon, KY 41557 606 509-0132
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    Day 9 Report

    Saw a spike a 4 point and 3 doe this morning. Nothing yet this evening
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    Good Luck!

    Yeah be safe and good luck everyone!!!
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    Best App For Deer Hunting?

    Same here
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    Elk Lottery

    None for me yet again
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    I noticed a couple people this year that checked doe during the rifle season here in pike county. We are a zone 4 not suppose to kill doe with a rifle. 1 guy checked 2 the same day
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    6 yr olds first buck

    Awesome congrats young man
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    11-17-19 wake up

    Well I got a look at my boy. Questionable wether not I wanted to shoot him by his pics. He is a stud but I let him walk. If he makes it through he will be a giant next year. He is 3 and a half and this is second year I have had pics of him.
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    11-17-19 wake up

    I sure wish this wind would die down a little
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    11-17-19 wake up

    Hunted a stand I hadn’t hunted since early last season in pike county. Small buck right before first light ran down th hill behind me. Hit the grunt tube a couple times and he came right back. He hit the old logging road trailing the rinks I had on a drag on the way in. Then a few minutes later...
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    11-16-19 roll call

    Back at it in Pike County. Hopefully today is the day. Good luck and be safe out there.
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    Heading out!

    4 does just came up the point in front of me then started around the mountain. No buck behind them though

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