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  1. Jenks


    Summit is the way to go. I like mine. Look at Craig's List.
  2. Jenks

    Wildgame Junk Feeders!!!

    That little honey bear would have a hard time with this feeder. This is from Hang 'Em High feeders.
  3. Jenks

    Done with Rage

    I had a Swhacker do the same on me last year where only one blade deployed.
  4. Jenks

    Rage Broad Head

    First you need to stick a buck.
  5. Jenks

    Bailed Alfalfa

    It works well, especially late season. Make sure you don't have cattle in the area because alfalfa is like cheesecake to them.
  6. Jenks

    Arizona boy!

    Welcome aboard! I used to live in Glendale.
  7. Jenks

    While hiking in the Smoky Mountains

    Did you feed him some Jack Links?
  8. Jenks

    Elk guide

    I have heard good things about Low Gap Outfitters. I too like the benefits of a guided hunt as many here do. My job takes a lot of time and then I carve out most of my time for family events. If I were self employed, I guess I could take a few days in the summer to scout and then 10 days on a...
  9. Jenks

    Mountain lions in KY????

    LOL...Wally World for cougar meet and greet.
  10. Jenks

    Tick Season

    Permethrin is def the way to go.
  11. Jenks

    Outdoor Life has named Kentucky the No. 1 trophy buck state

    I have hunted Texas, North Dakota, and Kentucky for whitetail and can say that Kentucky is the hardest hunting bar none. I do think the blue grass state is a top five destination for quality booner bucks but does not have the quantity of say Iowa or Kansas. With the dense hardwoods though, you...
  12. Jenks

    Rut/activity report

    It's going to be a mixed bag depending upon where you are. It wasn't cold enough at the start of the activity for a generalized patterned behavior to be observed from multiple areas. I think next week will get rocking due to the lower temps and plan to burn a couple of days off of work.
  13. Jenks

    Buddy shot one tonight. Complete Pass through with NO BLOOD.

    I just switched to Rage Chisel Tips for this reason. I shot a doe with a two blade a few weeks back and one blade did not deploy. This was a first.
  14. Jenks


    You preparing to call in a longhorn spike or a button buck?
  15. Jenks

    Finally found Big 8

    Nice buck!
  16. Jenks

    Mathews Monster MR5 or Hoyt Carbon Element?

    PSE Dream Season Evo "speed and precision"
  17. Jenks

    first time in a summit stand

    I've got the Viper and love it. It weighs something dumb like 8 pounds and packs out easy. Can I buy yours for $130?
  18. Jenks

    Iphone app for this site????

    Tapatalk is the only way to go.
  19. Jenks

    What else is good to feed deer

    They like alfalfa hay and cotton seed hull.
  20. Jenks

    Big guys and treestands

    Here's another one. You could probably build one out if wood if you wanted to. I've seen one similar at Drake's feed store in Morgantown.

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