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  1. raidergson

    The New Military Round....

    The Geneva legal Green, non-toxic 5.56 is such a downgrade from the mean lead cored conservative old fashioned round, that we meed a new larger ultra high pressured round to compensate for needing a suitable Earth friendly bullet.
  2. raidergson

    Good Documentary

    Ballet harvesting in apartments/ projects/ inner city areas where no vote was hardly casted in 40 years. There is ample video evidence that the same individuals placing several of objects made of paper into temporary ballot boxes. When only 50% of America votes, and your side only looses by a...
  3. raidergson

    Did the Baby killers just get spanked?

    I just don’t understand why some of y’all argue with walls. Anyone can research and see the debates, proposals, theories, and etc. about genders. Frankly, I know several teachers, those with B.S’s, and other educated acquaintances who buy into 14, if not more genders. They might not use them as...
  4. raidergson

    Did the Baby killers just get spanked?

    I don’t know, but conservatives have really been hammered by the Biden administration. With pseudo science playing out during Covid, along with gender ambiguity, not to mention Jackson’s inability to define a “ woman,” maybe the conservative minds of our SCOTUS actually wanted to flex some...
  5. raidergson

    Did the Baby killers just get spanked?

    Yes, according to many in the party, protecting an unborn viable human is considered the last frontier of an absolute individual human right bestowed upon them by our creator, supported by our Constitution.
  6. raidergson

    Did the Baby killers just get spanked?

    I don’t know. You might be more in tune with a query concerning this issue more than me, but I do know that 50% of middle aged and older women are pro life. I would think that the vast amount of Conservative/ Republican woman are pro- life from the beginning, at least the ones I know. Maybe...
  7. raidergson

    Did the Baby killers just get spanked?

    You have a point, but I do believe that people who don’t care one way or another about abortion will still vote with their pocketbook…… that is sad, for the sake of the unborn, but ever so true.
  8. raidergson

    Did the Baby killers just get spanked?

    Man, why do all of you all stick with the 50 year old antiquated 17 year old liberal high school girl argument. You pigeon hole so many, bla bla bla. I for one would not want to associate with someone so detached from modern science, on par supporting abortion like phrenology, Aryan skull...
  9. raidergson

    Did the Baby killers just get spanked?

    Those that feel no ill supporting killing a viable human being, have no problem with the Holocaust or human bondage.
  10. raidergson

    “Random” Spree of Food Processing Plants Burning Down Is Part of the Food Shortage and Depopulation Plan

    Man, I have read you posts for over a decade now, and, being somewhat of centrist, albeit more conservative, since the political locus continues to shift left due to misinformation administered by the media and education system at all levels, and I have come to two conclusions, really. You...
  11. raidergson

    Smith and Wesson Handgun

    The Glock 34 with Dawson’s is still one of, if not the most, popular SSP pistol in IDPA. The 19 and 26 have won nationals as well. The M&P and Sig strikers have gained ground, but out of oodles of my pistols, my 34 is still one of my favorites. I promised my son a SSP type for his 13 th BD; he...
  12. raidergson

    Not our father's democrat party.

    I remember when the Subarus had “Free Tibet” and “ End Female Circumcision.” I’d could even buy into a little back then. Now they are the polar opposite.
  13. raidergson

    Smith and Wesson Handgun

    I remember when they first came out, and a lgs had them floor to ceiling, selling them like hot cakes. A Smith and that affordable, can’t go wrong? Smith lost a lot of credibility on these as the firing system design was a bust as it tried to legally mimic a Glock, and get on the springer/...
  14. raidergson

    BREAKING: Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed To Supreme Court, 3 GOP Senators Break Ranks

    But all of this was created under a slaveholding society, so it is all null and void. That is how many on the left reconcile their destruction of our country, and they know that the idiots will follow.
  15. raidergson

    Trumps Latest Scam to raise money from his supporters.

    They never chop it off because it will end any sex life evermore. They, like our fake National Champ swim queen, might hang enough to scare a donkey and enjoying the pleasure it brings, but want to beat up on split tails in competition.
  16. raidergson

    Judge Jackson

    He should have asked her for the definition of a “black” woman. I bet she wouldn’t need a biologist to answer that one.
  17. raidergson

    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    Dudes a Troll, just ask him if you can ignore him…. See what he says.
  18. raidergson

    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    Lib Larry, Grouse Glitter, Et als Libs: See if we all have EV’s and more renewables this would not be an issue. Just wait, this will be the talking point to push TNGD, as the guise for the leftist social re-engineering effort.
  19. raidergson

    Putin Rolling into the Ukraine

    Well you can screw in lots of light bulbs with a discount nuclear reactor!
  20. raidergson

    Putin Rolling into the Ukraine

    Well he should be alarmed as dead and bloated as well as burning bodies create oodles of green house gasses; someone should tell him this.

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