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    The Call!

    Congrats Weston! Well done on a great bow buck - he’s going to look good on your wall.
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    Tall 8

    That is a great 8 pt! Congrats!!
  3. Claims Rep.

    Blessed! Grateful!

    Wow! Congrats on a buck of a lifetime!!!
  4. Claims Rep.

    Opening day success!

    Congrats!!! Great buck!
  5. Claims Rep.

    Son looking for used hunting bow LH

    I’ve got this one for sale.
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    Deer Corn

    What kind of goat/sheep feed are you using, and what are you paying for it?
  7. Claims Rep.

    Trail maintenance

    There ain’t a thing wrong with that.
  8. Claims Rep.

    hunting apps

    OnX for me as well. Works great with no cell service, which is my top priority.
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    My 2 boys deer.

    Those are great bucks! Congrats to you and both your sons.
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    My biggest buck today!!

    Congrats on a great buck!
  11. Claims Rep.

    The one that almost got away.

  12. Claims Rep.

    Got my deer of a lifetime! Marshall county whopper!

    Yes sir! Congrats on a stud for sure! You’re a blessed man to kill that buck! Don’t forget to thank your boss for the early out! LOL
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    Great ending to a great season!

    Great bucks! The smiles on their faces tells the whole story! Glad that both of them got good bucks.
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    Cousin killed a Booner! Updated to include green score

    Glad to hear that a good guy killed him. Congrats to your cuz on a great buck!
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    Got Him

    Great buck. Congrats!
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    Unexpected success (long read)

    Great buck, and an even greater story! Those boys will probably never forget the day that dad killed that giant buck! Well done sir.
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    Caught one cruising

    You’re gonna need a reinforced wall to hold that buck up! Congrats on a stud buck!
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    Buck on my new land

    That’s a nice buck. Congrats on killing him on your place!
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    How many use lifelines and how many dont

    I’ve got too much to live for, and I don’t want the last few minutes of my life to be me laying at the bottom of a tree. So I wear a climbing harness the entire time I’m in a climber. I also don’t want my wife to be burdened with me at home in a paralyzed state. All because I was dumb enough...
  20. Claims Rep.

    Got him

    That’s a great 8 pt. Congrats!

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