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  1. CentralKyHunter

    Guided Hunts / Outfitters

    Anyone know of reputable outfitters in central or west Kentucky for turkey hunting. Got some buddies looking to take some clients out this year and asked me for some recommendations
  2. CentralKyHunter

    Youngest one finally scored- Bearded Hen

    11 yr old tagged out in youth and the youngest finally scored. Got him a hen with 8.5” beard. He’s pretty stoked!!
  3. CentralKyHunter

    For-sale: Duck Decoys

    Looks like 25 new decoys all but two appear to be in plastic still and never used. Half Flambeau and half GHG. cleaning out the garage so those need to go $75 takes all Leitchfield, ky. May be able to meet somewhere closer to you if needed. violence
  4. CentralKyHunter

    Youth Success

    I haven’t killed a bird in 15 years, instead have spent the years taking others. Additionally about 7 years ago a buddy and I started a successful non profit outdoor youth organization ( ) and we have guided or set up guides for 100’s of kids. It’s been a blessing seeing...
  5. CentralKyHunter

    Anderson AR 350 Legend

    Custom built AR in 350 Legend Anderson lower, Sig site, two magazines, and I think 90 rounds of ammo including a couple boxes of Winchester soft point deer season. Only had 10 rounds out through it to line site up $1200 gets it and the ammo. Consider trades toward other long guns or shotguns
  6. CentralKyHunter

    5 Reloading Manuals

    5 reloading manuals & guides $100 takes all before I post on gunbroker. That’s less than half cost!! All different. I will ship lucida mac font
  7. CentralKyHunter

    5+ pounds of gun powder

    Top bottles full bottom two about 1/3 full $300 for all will not split up. will trade toward a gun Leitchfield, Ky. May meet writhing reasonable distance
  8. CentralKyHunter

    2300 .223 / 556 brass

    2400** brass as shown. $150 or trade toward a shotgun or 22 / 17 cal rifle
  9. CentralKyHunter

    For Sale: Shotgun Hulls

    Mixed batch of hulls from shooting with the kids the last few weeks over 500 hulls. .410, 20, and 12’s make me a good offer before I post on gun broker , central Kentucky
  10. CentralKyHunter

    Anyone running a thermal scope?

    I know they are high. curious who is running one, what brand, what’s a good value option that is reliable ?
  11. CentralKyHunter

    Reloading Supplies : Take 2

    Below you’re going to see a ton of stuff listed. tomorrow I will start putting things on gun broker as I get time. If anyone is interested locally I am taking any offers you want to submit to my inbox. I’ll take cash offers or gun trade. I will ship that’s not an issue. Everything appears to...
  12. CentralKyHunter

    ISO: 22’s. Prefer Mag but open to others

    As title states. Looking for a few 22’s to add to the group. Kids are getting bigger and it’s time I add a few to the line up. Prefers central or western ky but can travel a little really need a mag, I got mag ammo and no gun to shoot it in!! LR or pistols considered
  13. CentralKyHunter

    ISO: 28g Shotgun and Remington 870’s

    What’s out there? Looking to add a few shotguns to the lineup.
  14. CentralKyHunter

    ISO: 410

    Any 410’s shotguns out there? prefer central or western ky but would travel east as time allows. surprise me
  15. CentralKyHunter

    Looking for land “ not city land”

    :D Worth a try
  16. CentralKyHunter

    For Sale: Savage 17 HMR 93R17 Wood Heavy Barrel

    For Sale: Savage 17 HMR 93R17 Wood Heavy Barrel. $350 Brand New gun never shot. I might have the box in the closet but no promises. Have 5 boxes of ammo $20 or $17 each if you take all
  17. CentralKyHunter

    For Sale: Rare Remington 870 Wingmaster “ Classic Trap” Anniversary Special

    For Sale: Rare Remington 870 Wingmaster “ Classic Trap” Anniversary Special Made in 2016 commemorating the 200 anniversary of Remington and 50th anniversary of the 870 Wingmaster. This gun is still brand new in box!! All chokes, paperwork, etc still present. These guns have gone up every...
  18. CentralKyHunter

    For Sale: New Weatherby Vanguard .243

    Beautiful Gun, brand new never shot .243 $750 or trade for others
  19. CentralKyHunter

    Things are getting boring. So we got the crew together.

    Came to camp and Gonna load the stands back up tomorrow. kids have had a good year so far with 3 bucks 8 pt and bigger and 4 does. Invited some friends to try and get their first deer this time.
  20. CentralKyHunter

    AR 350 Legend and Ammo

    I have a nice AR in 350 Legend. Anderson lower, Sig sight, 10 rnd mag, 20 rnd mag, 332 rounds of ammo. It has only had 8 rounds shot through it to line sight up and test performance. Shot and cycled great. $1400

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