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  1. Tman6493

    Stuffed Back Straps

    Wanted to give my thoughts on this recipe. Was nervous to try it incase I didn’t like it. Here’s the video I got it from: We used roughly 4 blocks of cream cheese, 12 Oz of cherries, 16 Oz of the peppers, pound of sausage and a back straps from a 6 month old doe. Cheap Walmart bacon. And this...
  2. Tman6493

    New to predator hunting

    I have wanted to get into coyote hunting the last few years. All started a few years ago when I got a call on Black Friday sale. Then started turning my 223 into a predator setup. Plan on starting to try a couple days a week for February. Got a couple questions that I know will come from trial...
  3. Tman6493

    2021-22 Quota Hunts

    Anyone hoping they get drawn? Results out by tomorrow at 5. I have 2 points for Jenny and 2 for Sloughs and put in for my first Ballard draw.
  4. Tman6493

    Dove hunting from a boat

    Is there anything to watch out for? I’m in a bass boat on barren river lake. I’m guessing no shooting until 11:00 and don’t have the boat in motion when you shoot. Other then that is it just like dove hunting from land. Can’t find a clear law on it.
  5. Tman6493

    Bow Press/Louisville, Dixie Hwy

    I live off St. Andrews, Dixie. I hate having to go all the way to Bardstown or Cabelas just to get my string twisted from where it’s new and still breaking in. Any chance any of you live in this part of town and would help me out? I’d even be willing to pay a little.
  6. Tman6493

    Tim Grounds Goose Calls

    Any of you use them? Have any reviews? Only goose call I carry now is a BG cheapy. I’m drawn to the TG logo (my initials) and think they look pretty cool and sound good in some of the videos I’ve seen. Trying to do some research before I drop $160.
  7. Tman6493


    Picked him up Saturday. He’s 7 weeks and 3 days old today. Got to spend his first weekend camping so he had plenty of time meeting everyone and playing and napping. Today’s his first full day at my house. He really started coming out of his shell last night. Going to be a fun summer with this dude.
  8. Tman6493

    Early Season Dates

    Is early wood duck always the third weekend and for 5 days making it September 18-22? The pattern fits but can’t get a solid confirmation to plan vacation days for work.
  9. Tman6493

    Ice Fishing

    Ever done it in KY? Any stories. If not ever done it up north ?
  10. Tman6493

    Hit my first deer

    This morning I wanted to scout a duck pond before going in to work. I almost turned around and just went to work but really wanted to see the pond. Just before I pulled into the pond I hit a doe at about 30 mph. Just some minor bent plastic and the deer managed to run off. Not sure on her...
  11. Tman6493

    Kayak/Float hunting

    I purchased a kayak. ascend h12. This will be my first year using it to duck hunt. Can you all help me with some rules and where all I can hunt. I’ve heard the stuff about can’t let anything touch the bottom if your hunting backwater to the river. Can I get clarification on that. Any...
  12. Tman6493

    Snake ID

    we have caught 2 snakes this week in the bay at the fire house. Can you all ID both of them for me please. The top one was caught in a glue trap and I somehow got him free without injuries either of us. Freed this one from a trap yesterday Caught this one today trying to come into the bay.
  13. Tman6493

    Black Bear in Shepherdsville

    One was hit and killed this morning by the new construction on i65. Anyone see it?
  14. Tman6493

    Come on Early Season

    I’m getting anxious. Already got everything ready and sitting in the boat. This will be my first year early season hunting. Got some woodie holes scouted out and feel pretty good about that. Got off work the 16th-23rd. That and my #1 goal is going to be to get a honker sense i still haven’t got...
  15. Tman6493

    Day 9 Report

    Well how was the morning hunt? I’m finishing packing and heading out for the evening. Anyone sitting out the heat?
  16. Tman6493

    Stolen bows

    Buddies and I were at north fork on rough camping last night and all 3 of our bows were taken out of our boat while we were asleep. So bummed. We had just all gotten them and were just starting to figure it out and having a blast. Full story’s is on general hunting forum. so if you could...
  17. Tman6493

    BOLO: Stolen Bowfishing Bows

    Some SOB stole 3 bow fishing bows out of my boat last night at North Fork camp ground. 2 bear Cajun shore runners and a muzzy. They took the bows but not 6 arrows that were with them. Also they left 12 of my bass poles on the deck because I fished a tournament that morning so they were sitting...
  18. Tman6493

    Pay lakers near Louisville?

    Anyone on here pay lake fish in the louisville area? I’ve been going occasionally when I haven’t felt like getting the boat out.
  19. Tman6493

    Duck Call Reviews

    I wanted to start this thread for anyone who might want to get into duck hunting but not have any advice on what call to get or to brag about something cool they have. For me that was tough. I ended up just getting 2 duck commander calls (the classic and the picker) and I have a buck Gardner...
  20. Tman6493

    Louisville area

    Where can you go from the bank near louisville. We have a boat and plan on getting on the river soon but I was wondering if there was any public places you can walk just for a bored in the afternoon hunt. 30 minutes or less. We have been hitting rough Nolin and the green river.

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