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  1. pope and young

    Kansas turkey hunt rio

    I went last year and had a blast, going back again this year. I went to Kansas in May and killed two Rio's the first day. Then headed from there to South Dakota, and killed a Merriam there. It did take a few days to figure out where they were at. After that, I drove to Nebraska and barely...
  2. pope and young


    If the numbers are down, why are they trapping them and sending them to other states?
  3. pope and young

    Sandhill cranes

    I was lucky enough to shoot one last year. The hardest part about hunting these birds is finding them. I spent an entire day driving around looking for them and was very disappointed, I always thought Barren county had a bunch. I drove every back road I could drive and after 4 hours of...
  4. pope and young

    New master hunter plus a little extra

    Congrats, beautiful dog.
  5. pope and young

    Quota Hunts Are Posted

    Quick question, if a buddy of mine gets picked for Ballard and I go hunt with his group, do I lose my points for next year at Ballard? Thanks
  6. pope and young


    I will not put in anymore unless they add the bonus tag back.
  7. pope and young

    Fall Turkey season-- Tennessee

    I would like to see the sticker tags for deer and turkey as well. We all know how easy it would be to kill all the deer and turkeys you want with the honor system check telecheck. I have more than once came home with a turkey, cleaned it and forget all about calling it in until later that...
  8. pope and young

    Elk Drawing Suggestion Thread

    I would also like to add to my idea that there is a bunch of applicants for the elk draw that have never bought a fishing or hunting license in the state of KY.
  9. pope and young

    Elk Drawing Suggestion Thread

    That's the reason that I said that kids don't have to buy tags up front, so you would actually only buy the tag for yourself .
  10. pope and young

    Elk Drawing Suggestion Thread

    This is my idea of how to improve the elk drawing, feel free to post your ideas. How about this idea for the elk draw, just my 2 cents. If you want to put in for a bull tag, you have to buy a bull tag up front plus the $10.00 for the drawing, if you want a cow tag, you buy it up front plus the...
  11. pope and young

    2016 elk draw

    Well this is the first year I haven't put in for all possible chances since the very first draw. I only put in for a bull tag bow and bull tag gun, all that money is starting to add up. I'm going to start putting in out west and building points where I know one day I will for sure get to hunt...
  12. pope and young

    Couple questions about Magnus Bullhead Broadheads.

    I just ordered a couple of the Magnus Bullhead Broadheads in the 125 grain and with the arrows that comes in the package. My question is, will these broad heads fit in your quiver? If not I did see that they make a special holder that will fit in the quiver. Also, has anyone else used these...
  13. pope and young

    Quota hunts

    2 people had 6 points and the rest of us had 3 points
  14. pope and young

    Quota hunts

    I can tell you that we had 6 points this year which is unheard of and we still didnt get drawn, hope that helps you.
  15. pope and young

    Cane Creek WMA

    I have never hunted it but I remember seeing several deer crossing the road at night coming back from Laurel Lake trout fishing. Good Luck
  16. pope and young

    Did I do good????

    Congrats to you :)
  17. pope and young

    Quota Hunt Results

    Did anyone get drawn for Ballard Deer Hunt? I had 6 points and still didn't get picked.
  18. pope and young

    What do you miss the most?

    I miss watching the old school deer hunting videos. I remember there wasn't anything better than putting in a hunting video the night before opening day and going to sleep, or at least trying too. I vowed I wouldn't miss opening day for work, or the flu, or any other reason but I haven't...
  19. pope and young

    Anyone see any Loons around Kentucky ?

    There are a bunch at Dale Hollow Lake, saw some on Cedar Creek Last year also.
  20. pope and young

    You know this questions is coming.

    I have one and tried it out on some deer in a field, you have to fly high or it will spook the deer, but on the other hand it's a cool to see what your neighbors place looks like and check on there food plots.

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