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  1. BigBoyKY

    Skoal Can

    Got this little buck on my trail cam numerous times this past week but this is definately the best shot. I guess it is an abnormal growth for sure but doesn't it look like a Skoal can LOL?
  2. BigBoyKY

    Double Beam Buck

    Got lots of pics of this buck but only had my trail cam out for 6 days. Looking for a big 10 pointer from last year to show up, he should be 5 1/2 this year.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>
  3. BigBoyKY

    Most Expensive meat on the Planet!!

    The forementioned as Jeff Foxworthy would say!! Venison tenderloins, backstraps and steaks, MMMMMMM, MMMMMMM! Gotta love it! Hope everyone else has good luck this year!
  4. BigBoyKY

    Had to let him walk!!!

    Had this joker in my scope broadside at @ 120 yards yesterday evening in a wide open hay field and just had to let him walk because I already killed my buck for the year. After he went @ 80 yards away from me I ran flat out to another hunter on the farm and tried to get us positioned back where...
  5. BigBoyKY

    Nice 7 pointer

    I passed on this deer early bow season from @ 20 yards. Had him eating acorns under a tree from me for 15 minutes or so. A lot of guys gave me crap over it but I knew there was a bigger buck out there, much bigger, that I had trail cam picks of and had come within 43 yards of me last Tuesday but...
  6. BigBoyKY

    He has only shown up once

    At least I know he is out there! Got some other decent bucks showing up but this is the biggest of them. Anyone want to take a stab at a score?
  7. BigBoyKY

    $50 Wildgame Camera

    Well after seeing a $50 price tag on this camera I just had to purchase one and test it. After testing below are the photos and what I found: The camera is a jewel for only $50!!!! The daytime pics are from 30 feet and 45 feet. The nighttime pics are from 5, 30 and 45 feet. The trigger...
  8. BigBoyKY

    Caped Turkey

    Here is the Jake I got this Spring and caped out myself. This is the first one I ever tried and I think it turned out pretty decent.
  9. BigBoyKY

    Putting out corn

    I have a question for some of you to ponder and would like to hear your comments and observations. How early to put out corn, if you are into that? I hunt with several other people on a particular farm and last year I was talked into putting out corn and cameras as early as the law allowed to...
  10. BigBoyKY

    Big Catfish

    Just dug up this old photo and wanted to share it. Me and my brother caught it about 2:30 am in 05 on a dead shad, belly cut open and sprayed with a Garlic solution. Caught 4 more channel cats about as long as your arm but this Flathead took the cake!
  11. BigBoyKY

    how do you catch Walleye below Wolf Creek Dam?

    I am going this weekend and have never caught Walleye. How do you rig for them? What do you use for bait? Minnows or lures? Please help.
  12. BigBoyKY

    2008 Velvet Buck

    Got my mount back the other day, not a monster but he looks great, taximan did a hell of a job. I hope you can see them now, my first time using Photobucket and I think I moved the pictures to a folder and it lost the link.
  13. BigBoyKY

    2008 Velvet Buck

    I was glad to be able to take this buck on opening day this year. He isn't the bruiser I got last year by any means but I am going to hang him on my wall just the same. I have some trail cam picks of some really big deer on our place but some personal things came up that just wouldn't allow...
  14. BigBoyKY

    More Space on this site?

    Is there any way for me to get more attachment space on this site?
  15. BigBoyKY


    Looks like this is the biggest of probably 10 or so bucks I have consistently showing up. I had a really wide 10 pointer coming in for a while, and he may still be around, but I haven't gotten him on camera in about a month. If this one walks in opening weekend I think I am going to try and take...
  16. BigBoyKY

    Anyone seen acorns?

    When do they acorns start growing on the Oaks? I figured they would already be on the trees but all of the Oaks I have seen on my place have none on them. Anyone know?
  17. BigBoyKY

    2 does throwing down!

  18. BigBoyKY

    Latest pics of 10 Pointer

    Hope to see this bugger opening weekend.
  19. BigBoyKY

    Still growing

  20. BigBoyKY

    Deer around stand in the evening

    How long does everyone wait to get out of their stand if there are still deer around them after daylight expires? Do you think it is safe to get down as soon as it is pitch dark or does it matter?

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