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  1. Straight Creek

    Their bashing us trappers over in the Waterfowl Forum.

    Check out these guys in the waterfowl forum .....
  2. Straight Creek

    Rubbed Sheba Talk to me... Caught on a red fox remake and some violator 7. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Straight Creek

    Love those Reds.

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  4. Straight Creek

    Couple 50lb flood rats!

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  5. Straight Creek

    Finish Strong!

    These yote's have had me pulling my hair this week. We've had about 20" of snow, they dug out about 8 of my dirt hole sets but everything's frozen. Had one use a tooth brush to uncover a MB 550 and gentle place it upside down and out of his way. This is my first year trapping and had heard of...
  6. Straight Creek

    Another colored Yote.

    After catching that black male last week I caught another odd colored female this week. Also picked up my first beaver. My son (1 yr old) said he wanted to ride the kitty, so he rode the kitty and daddy got in trouble. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Straight Creek

    Little Red at a Dirt Hole

    Caught my first Red today, this trapping is getting in my blood now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Straight Creek

    New Traps

    I've added to my arsenal now. But am I going to have to wait for the new traps to rust before dying or can I just wax them without dying? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Straight Creek

    Rookie Success

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  10. Straight Creek

    After 4 years the 8x8 met is maker...

    For four years the growl of this old Bull has been imbedded in my head, I honestly believe I could pick his bugle out of a 100 different bulls. The close encounters I've had with this old bull would number near 50. Everyone had seen him yet his 6th sense had kept him alive. After four years as a...
  11. Straight Creek

    Anybody Rabbit Hunted Warrick Indiana

    Going up to Warrick In, just north of Booneville to rabbit hunt some Peabody Coal land. Any rabbits this year? Last year the rabbit population was down. Hope its alittle better this year.
  12. Straight Creek

    Kentucky's first 400" Bull

    While at the local elk check-in station over the weekend the Biologist informed me that Kentucky’s first bull breaking the 400” mark had been checked in (unofficial score 407). Has anyone seen this thing yet or heard anything about it? Is there any truth in what I’ve been told?

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