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  1. pastorbass

    dale hollow shell craker info?

    I'll be running the fishers of men tourny on dale saturday so I only get about 4 or 5 hours to fish. THere is another big tourny going on the same day so instead of waiting in line for a bass spot or getting in the way of some of the FOM guys I thought about going after some big ole shell...
  2. pastorbass

    Good places for Texas bbq

    be passing through north Texas on Tuesday and wednesday and would like to eat some good Texas BBQ. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. pastorbass

    Go toppers

    Hope they can finish this thing like they started. OMV was on fire.
  4. pastorbass

    Lake Fork

    Wish me luck fellas - After heading to Yatesville this weekend to run a fishers of men tournament, then back to preach on Sunday, I am heading out Monday morning in search of those lake fork hawgs. I'm not going to make the red river national championship and take my vacation as expected, but I...
  5. pastorbass

    2008 Bass Tourny Report from Fish and Wildlife

    Got the report in the mail today that they send out to tournament directors and thought I would share some of the interesting findings I came across in the report: I'll list the top three lakes per category: Percent of Successful angerls 1. Willisburg 87.8 2.Kentucky lake 71.4 3. Barren River...
  6. pastorbass

    Yatesville Lake area

    I need some help quickly with the yatesville area. I have been unable to locate a church to host our Fishers of Men meeting in about 2 1/2 weeks. Does anyone know of a church in the area, business that could hold us, or anyplace with a roof. Thanks jeremy
  7. pastorbass

    Green River Lake Friday

    I couldn't stand it any longer, I had to get on the water. Finally a warm day. I got things finished up for the weekend at the office last night for the weekend and headed off to Green River Lake today. I had planned on fishing a jig and flipping some since the lake was reported at 5 foot above...
  8. pastorbass

    Lake Fork

    Anyone have any experience with Lake Fork. I am heading down the last week of March to Shreveport and I am thinking of making a detour to catch some texas hawgs
  9. pastorbass

    Flippin Line

    Just started flippin heavy cover last year and never found a line that I liked that had a good feel, strong, and low vis to the fish. Do you all use heavy mono, floro, or braid.
  10. pastorbass

    Fishers of Men Results

    Fishers of Men kicked off their 2009 season on Lake Cumberland on Saturday Dec 6th. We had 45 boats and paid out almost $5000 in prize money. If you want a great trail with excellent payouts come out to our next tournament on January 10th on Lake Cumberland. 45 boats total Payout - just under...
  11. pastorbass

    Funeral Service for Mr. Tree

    Thought you all may enjoy, I don't think it has been posted on here. Very moving memorial service for Mr. Tree.
  12. pastorbass

    Fishers of men schedule change

    There has been a change in the 2008-2009 Fishers of Men South Central Kentucky Division. The first tournament was scheduled to take place on Saturday November 1 at Barren River Lake with the pre-tournament meeting to be held on Friday Oct 31st. Due to several factors - two major tournaments...
  13. pastorbass

    Hey Drakeshooter

    Hey Drake or some of the other Murray fans... anyone know the score of the WKU Murray State game today? :D Just had to throw that in for the grief I get for being Hilltopper from you guys over around Murray.
  14. pastorbass

    Saturday Night Live

    Did anyone get to see the opening of SNL with Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. Pretty darn funny. Tina Fay and Amy Pollard have them down to a T
  15. pastorbass

    What should I grill?

    I want to try something new on the gas on the grill this weekend. Any ideas, suggestions, or directions would be appreciated.
  16. pastorbass

    Fishers of men 09 schedule now up

    Hey all, Just a note to let everyone know that the Kentucky South Central Divison Fishers of Men schedule is now up. Our dates do not conflict with BFL Mountain or Pittsburg Marine. If you are looking for a great tournament trail you will not be disapointed fishing with FOM. The best group of...
  17. pastorbass

    Finally got my 5 pounder for the year

    It's been a slow year for me. Finally got me a 5 pounder tonight on Barren throwin a DD22. 5.17 on the scales. After I caught her I also got my first deer of the year or should I say she got me. Just before getting into glasgow heading toward Hart County a doe hit my explorer. Big ole dent on...
  18. pastorbass

    Can WKU do it

    I am getting nervous here, awaiting tip off, but OT has delayed the WKU. I am praying for my alma mater in hopes they can pull it off. I know it's stretch, but an elite 8 would be nice!!
  19. pastorbass

    Go DAWGS

    How bout UGA - 2 big wins in the same day. I know most you guys are die hard UK fans and still very bitter but credit is due to UGA. Besides WKU, the Dawgs are my second favorite team, of course because of Felton. If UGA goes on to win the SEC it's going to have to hurt the chances of a team...
  20. pastorbass

    Anybody else's utility bill through the roof

    I was just curios if anyone else is having higher than normal electric bills? I am on Farmers Rural Electric and if things keep up I am going to have to get another job to pay for my electric bill. January - $258 Feb - $348 :eek: March - $315 I think this is a little outrageous especially...

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