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  1. Outdoor_np

    Early Stages!

    That’s a dandy for sure, congrats! Looking forward to seeing it when it’s finished.
  2. Outdoor_np

    New Kayak

    I’d say you’ll enjoy that kayak. I’ve had a Jackson Big Tuna for several years and love it. Mines a little on the heavy side but stable on the water and seats are comfortable. I’ve caught many a fish from that kayak that otherwise I’d never have caught. Enjoy it.
  3. Outdoor_np


    I’ve had a Jackson big tuna for 4+ years now. Not cheap, but very stable and comfortable. I can stand and cast too if needed. Great fishing platform. Mine came from Canoe Ky. Good people to deal with there.
  4. Outdoor_np

    Opinions on wounded deer

    Fine deer, glad you found him, looks like he was chewed up a bit
  5. Outdoor_np

    Wifes 2017 muzzle loader buck

    Well done. Congrats to her!
  6. Outdoor_np

    Didn't know this site existed

    Welcome to the forum
  7. Outdoor_np


    I’m not hunting. Killed buck with a bow in early November and hunt zone 4 county so can’t hunt with muzzleloader until the weekend but just driving to and from work today and driving out by my farm I have seen 17 deer today in 4 different areas. Seems like a good day for deer movement around...
  8. Outdoor_np

    Wide one

    Nice job, good looking bull.
  9. Outdoor_np

    The do all rifle caliber

    I think 30.06 and 308 but that’s just my opinion. Not taking anything away from any other calibers. I like various calibers for different reasons. Just like everybody else, talk to 2 different people get 3 different opinions.
  10. Outdoor_np

    Poached in Daviess Co. 201" Monster

    Once in a lifetime deer, hope it was a legit kill. Congrats to the person that killed it if it was legit.
  11. Outdoor_np

    Prayers appreciated

    Hope he recovers well. Praying for him
  12. Outdoor_np

    A day of firsts.

    Congrats, welcome to KY
  13. Outdoor_np

    Biggest in 30 yrs

    Excellent deer, congrats to him
  14. Outdoor_np

    Super x4

    Super x4 has my attention too
  15. Outdoor_np

    Youth Hunt

    Nice deer, good looking mount.
  16. Outdoor_np

    Big tom

    Nice cat. Well done, congrats
  17. Outdoor_np

    How young is to young

    I too agree it depends on the child. My (just turned) 5 year old is starting to show alot of interest. We’ve scouted some together but that’s been it so far. She’s never hunted with me yet. My younger son is always on the lookout for “deer and quirrels” as he calls them. I think both of them...
  18. Outdoor_np

    First One in Indiana

    Congrats! Sounds like this season is turning out rather well for you.
  19. Outdoor_np

    Look what I saw this morning!

    That’s awesome. Rare sight
  20. Outdoor_np

    Muzzleloader loads

    Try different loads. As mentioned above different loads for different guns. I shoot a TC Triumph and it really likes pt harvester gold 300 gr with a black crush rib sabot shooting 100 gr blackhorn 209. Just switched to blackhorn this year. I’m impressed. Guns shoots 3 shots < 1 inch at 100 yds...

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