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  1. lkj118

    Jonas Scores!!!!

    My 9 year old shot his first deer this evening. Had 4 doe come in early and couldn't get a shot. Then this guy came out. Crazy looking 8 point rack. He couldn't have been more excited. Me or his uncle Sam either.[/IMG]
  2. lkj118

    Pulaski county theft

    hung two stands for my 13 yr old son and my 14yr old nephew last monday. went back on saturday to find them gone. climbing sticks and all. i hope whoever got them is happy. anyway, if any of you pulaski guys hear of any loc-on style stands for sale, let me know.
  3. lkj118

    2011 middle school state football champions

    I wanted to brag a little on the middle school football teams here in Pulaski County. They went to Lexington Catholic yesterday and brought home 3 State Championships. Hopefully they carry this success with them into their high school careers. Southern Pulaski 46 - Johnson County 12 (7th...
  4. lkj118

    10-9-11 archery buck

    i shot this buck with my bow on 10-9-11. my son spent the night with his buddy and wasn't here to go on the youth hunt, so i grabbed my bow and went anyway. i saw this buck slipping through the woods at about 8 am. i grunted at him twice and he turned in my direction. it took him about ten...
  5. lkj118

    Youth Hunt Pig

    My nephew shot this on 1-2-11. It was a 102 lb. male. Not the buck he was looking for, but exciting all the same.
  6. lkj118

    Jonathan's youth hunt doe

    my boy shot this doe yesterday afternoon during the youth hunt. 50 yard shoulder shot dropped her in her tracks. 110 lbs. field dressed. he was excited and i am proud of him
  7. lkj118

    Jonathan's 4-3-10 gobbler

    my 11 year old shot this gobbler yesterday morning before the rain came. it's his first gobbler. had 4 more with it but he took the biggest one. 9.5" beard 1" spurs 21 lbs
  8. lkj118

    headed out!!!

    me and psmith headedout to kill something eatable
  9. lkj118

    odd looking one

    this guy started showing up last week and he can't get enough of the corn. with the character he has, it will be hard to hang on to my arrow if given the oppurtunity.
  10. lkj118

    my first european mount

    decided to do a skull mount of the buck i killed this past december. still having a little issue getting some of the bleaching powder removed, but i think a stiffer brush will help.
  11. lkj118

    12-14-08 muzzleloader buck

    killed this deer while hunting in the winds on Sunday. he came across a picked corn field chasing a doe.
  12. lkj118

    my first fall shotgun turkey

    killed my first fall shotgun bird today. walked most of the afternoon until we finally did find them. first time i had ever been fall turkey hunting during the gun season. had a blast and got to bring a trophy home.
  13. lkj118

    sammy's 2008 buck

    My bil killed this deer last week in Henderson. Main frame 8 with 3 extra points. Field dressed at 211 lbs :eek:.Came in with his nose to the ground right at daylight. 300 Weatherby dropped him in his tracks at less than 20 yards.
  14. lkj118

    special little boy is a link to a story about a little boy from our little league (bobtownhunter's son). this boy loves to play, and he was so excited to see himself on tv at our league picnic last night. touched me, so i thought i would share it...
  15. lkj118

    looking for a baseball tournament

    anyone know of a 9 - under baseball tournament in the next couple of weeks? looking for somewhere to possibly play.
  16. lkj118

    got my 07 mount back

    turned out really nice i think
  17. lkj118

    two i didn't want to find

    found these today while shed hunting. bummer. both still had a little velvet on them, so they have been laying there a while.
  18. lkj118

    home brews

    looking at experimenting with some home brew cameras. anyone have any plans they would share? with the price of cameras these days, i didn't know if it would be worth it but i wanted to try. thanks in advance.
  19. lkj118

    boar hunting question...

    my buddy wants to buy his son a hog hunt for christmas. anyone know of anywhere close to pulaski co? he would appreciate any info.
  20. lkj118

    2007 wayne county buck

    a guy i work with, Jarritt Sharpe, killed this pig on 11-12-07 in wayne county. seen him two days before, but it was too dark to shoot. so he just waited him out. one shot from a .270 and the hunt was over.