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    Flat Heads

    what is the best bait for big flat head cat fish....
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    smoked saugher

    I just smoked some saugher, not bad anyone tryed this yet. And how did you do yours.
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    Rub or not?

    Any of you guy's use a dry rub on deer ham's before smoking?
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    cock fighting
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    Best eating fish?

    Just wondering what everyone's favorite fish is for the table. I think the best eating fish that i have had is ring purch. If you had to pick just one what would it be?
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    you call the shot

    Just wondering are you a mature buck hunter? ? if you had a chance to kill a mature buck and it had a broken horn on one side would you still shoot it or let it walk?
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    Whats funny

    It's funny that the Pittsburg fans has gotta pull for the Bengals today.:D Gooooooooo Miami!
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    caught with out a gun!

    Was saugher fishing sat. morning looked over on the bank and a yota just standing about 50 yards just looking at us, like what you all doing out their. It pays to have your rifle all the time i guess. Dirty dog!
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    Thank God!

    soooooooooooo glad gun season is over. I hate gun season!
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    200" plus typ.

    Hot off the press........200" plus typ.taken off the Lewis Co. WMA.
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    Brisket is smoking

    Pentail, I have a brisket on the smoker along with a couple tenderloins use your recipe. Ill let you know how it turns out. This will be the first brisket that i have done. Also thanks phil for your help.
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    Urine and walfare?

    Like most folks in this country. I have a job. I work, pay my taxes and the goverment distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that pacheck in my case, i am required to pass a random urine test (in which i have no problum). What i do have a prob. with is the distribution of my taxes...
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    CL Button

    where is he haven't seen any post from him for ever. just wondering!
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    Swine flu !

    I was just wondering if anyone on here has Swine flu or someone who has.....And what are you or them doing for it.
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    Boy what do they gotta do, i been a bengal fan all my 45 years and hate to see them lose that way. But ill tell ya it's getting harder and harder to stay a fan when they dont wanna make changes or spend the money to change things.WE NEED A COACH! AND A OWNER!
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    Help with rub

    Need a good dry rub recipe for a brisket.........please and thank you.
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    just wondering

    Has anyone ever forgot a squirrel in your vest?............I did onetime had it behind the seat of my truck about 3 days later opened the door and the smell bout nocked me down.:o
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    Natural Gas?

    Just wondering if anyone here works in the gas field, and if so can you use copper pipe for natural gas. Man i hope so i just ran copper pipe in my house for it and someone told me that you cant use it for natural gas you have to use black pipe.:o
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    squirrel weapon?

    Whats everyone's weapon of choice for squirrel, mine is a 22cal.rugar pistol with a 6" bull barrel and a 4 power charles daily scope.
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    Needing some help!

    Got a friend looking to get a air rifle, just wondering how accurate they are, and at what distance. And what one would you recommend for squirrel hunting....and thanks for help.