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  1. bonecollector07

    Good Luck Tomorrow!

    Hope everyone has a blessed hunt this weekend and throughout the season. Just remember the trophy is the eye of the beholder. Shot what makes you happy and have fun regardless of age and size.
  2. bonecollector07

    Tag ?

    If you hunt on the Senior/Disability hunting permit. How many Doe are you aloud to kill. The zone I hunt is unlimited Doe as long as you have the tags. Regulations say include the State wide deer permit plus additional deer permit. You are aloud 4 deer (1 antlered deer) 3 Doe with the additional...
  3. bonecollector07

    ROLL CALL 11-11

    7 does so far in Green Co. I am wondering if they on lockdown.
  4. bonecollector07

    Nephew got it done today!

    The bigger fellow is my nephew.
  5. bonecollector07

    Nephew got it done today!

    Nephew got in done today in Green Co.
  6. bonecollector07

    Youth Harvest Pics

    My son's first deer!!
  7. bonecollector07

    Son got first buck yesterday!!!

    First deer and a nice first buck 8 pointer. Couldn't be more prouder. I think I was more nervous than he was lol. Proud Dad!!!
  8. bonecollector07

    2019-2020 Deer harvest photos

    Son's first buck!!
  9. bonecollector07

    Great first camera check!!

    Hope to get a shot at the big 8 with split brow.
  10. bonecollector07

    What is your criteria for

    If I shoot a buck I am mounting him regardless the size. Trophy is in the eye of the beholder.
  11. bonecollector07

    Muzzelloader ?

    I am new to muzzelloader I have a CVA optima what is the best combination of powder grain and brand of bullet and grain? Thanks
  12. bonecollector07

    Got done in Green Co.

    My niece's husband got it done this morning.
  13. bonecollector07

    As bad as i hate this

  14. bonecollector07

    Bucks move in the rain

    The biggest buck I ever seen was making a scrape in front of my brothers house in a rain storm about 4 years ago.
  15. bonecollector07

    Nephew got it done yesterday evening!

    When he shot him he fell instantly but started trying to get up and in the excitement he shot a couple of more arrows at him with 1 hitting his leg.
  16. bonecollector07

    Nephew got it done yesterday evening!

    Got it done on this great 11 point yesterday evening. He has a great3 year run. 2016 140+ inch 8 point(gun), 2017 165 inch 16 point( muzzelloader), 2018 pushing 150 inch 11 point( bow). The first image is 2017 2nd is 2018 and the 3rd 2016.
  17. bonecollector07

    Nephew got it done this morning!!

    Yeah he is a straight up 9 point with 4 points around his bases on the back side he is real narly around his base.
  18. bonecollector07

    Nephew got it done this morning!!

    Got it done with the ole smoke pole this morning in Green Co. 13 total points. He also shot a doe too.
  19. bonecollector07

    Deer Taxidermist near Summer Shade/Glasow

    Merideth's Taxidermy in Brownsville ky about 20 miles from Glasgow he is the best around.