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  1. westkybanded

    Holder to RESIGN!!!
  2. westkybanded

    Emerald Ash Borer Tree Removal?

    My mother's lot in Frankfort has several trees that have died from ash borers, and need to be removed. I know that there were at one time some strict restrictions about moving firewood from infected areas, but I didn't know if there were any rules concerning the trees being cut once they...
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    Great! They fixed it themselves!! We should do more of this. Let the criminals figure out the best way to police, enforce, and punish themselves!! Makes perfect sense...
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    Heckuva good deal on a big, honkin' gas grill 6-burner Kenmore (I think made by Charbroil) with side burner, drawer, work station and under cabinets for...
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    Kelly Thomas Verdict - Officers Not Guilty

    Wow...,0,5919865.story#axzz2qb8hUGG6 I remember watching that video when it first came out. One of the worst things I've seen. Hearing that guy screaming and the cops just continue smashing his...
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    Aaaaaand he's back.,0,7212096.story#axzz2oiI5utD7
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    Mikhail Kalasnikov has passed
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    Leftover cranberry salad

    Left in the fridge exactly one week, is one of the most amazing things I've ever eaten.
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    Another AWESOME health insurance story...

    Hired a girl here about 9 months ago, and she's been great. Shows up on time, does her work, doesn't complain, friendly. She's had a hard way of things most of her life, and lost a leg in an accident about 3 years ago. She gets around fine, but she has some lingering effects that she'll...
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    Has anyone at this church seen their show? One of the first episodes was the family at a winery, making WINE... When they make the world's largest duck call, everyone is at a party... drinking WINE...
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    The Murray folks will appreciate this
  12. westkybanded

    Ever see that Buggs Bunny cartoon with the Abominable Snowman? This is EXACTLY what the pro-gun crowd did to Starbucks... When it's turned into "Honey, hand me my AR. Gotta go get a latte!"... Yea... Too much of a good thing. "I will name him...
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    Gabe FINALLY got his first!

    This is the third year that my son has tried diligently to harvest a bird. He's seen it all in that time. Henned up gobblers, coyotes attacking decoys, missed opportunities... He stuck with it tho, and I couldn't be prouder. There's been several guys on this site that have helped him out...
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    So, the hipster liberals finally came arround Well... Some did, but check out the comments section... Woah...
  15. westkybanded

    Diagnose my truck issue

    2001 Ford F-150 Stepside 4x4. Rear, passenger brake and turn signals do not work. Running light (same bulb) works. Changed bulb, same thing. Checked fuses, and nothing bad there.
  16. westkybanded

    Hot water heater temps?

    Anybody know off hand what they have their water heater set at? Had a new one installed the other day, and the shower doesn't seem to get NEAR as hot as it did before. In fact, I wouldn't even call it "hot". I'd say tepid maybe... It's set at 125 right now, but goes up to like 180. All...
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    Well, here we wait...

    Made it to the back entrance at Jenny hole undetected. Half way to a limit already.
  18. westkybanded

    Just saw an add from Bob Farmer

    "Folks, these are soybeans. There weren't many of them around ten years ago. Same with cattle! Now they're everywhere!" This guy is running for Agriculture Commissioner. Doesn't anybody that works for this guy even know anything about farming?
  19. westkybanded

    Breaking News on WPSD!!!

    They just reported that a kid brought a pocket knife to McCracken Co. High School. No, I'm not making this up.