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    Not with the raw material prices increasing and now fuel going sky high
  2. 1wildcatfan

    Lowest harvest totals in last 12 years

    You're not looking in the right spots or walking enough.
  3. 1wildcatfan

    Lowest harvest totals in last 12 years

    Don't look like Taylor Co trees.
  4. 1wildcatfan

    Bless again

    Good deal racsr. Congrats......again.
  5. 1wildcatfan

    Creosote in Chimneys

    Wow. Wonder what the plastic is doing to your lungs??
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    You can look at the drawing on YouTube and you’ll receive a letter (a least I did a few years ago).
  7. 1wildcatfan

    Lowest harvest totals in last 12 years

    Pls post a pic. I'm not familiar with any black hawks.
  8. 1wildcatfan

    Giant Redear
  9. 1wildcatfan

    OH Turkey 2022

    Nice. Congrats.
  10. 1wildcatfan


    Nothing for me. Best way to watch the drawing is youtube. Zip right through it.
  11. 1wildcatfan

    Week 2 Bull

    Congrats to him.
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    Need Some Rain, DRY!

    Pouring down here all afternoon. Red cells sitting on top of us. Couple of miles down the road, drizzle. Rain ran me off the tractor/bush hog around 3... raining since.
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    NC released elk in the Smokey Mtns starting in 2001. The groundwork was laid in 2006 in preparation of established hunting seasons. Herd is pushing 200 head. Not a huntable population yet per f&w. Elk are in the Smokey mtns and some surrounding counties
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    Hmmm.... we don't have a drinking post going...

    Had this for the first time in Mexico this past winter. I personally love Bloody Mary's. Taste similar. Michelada.
  15. 1wildcatfan

    Any refrigeration guys here?

    Around $500. Thought she told me around $200.....hmmmm. getting another one for the house we're building and it will go in our nice cool basement. The unit at our lake house sits outside and is used daily. To make the ice last longer, we will sometimes fill ziplock gallon bags up and put in the...
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    Browning x Bolt

    Very nice.
  17. 1wildcatfan

    Lowest harvest totals in last 12 years

    Military helicopters?
  18. 1wildcatfan

    Any refrigeration guys here?

    We have a small ice machine we use at our lake house. Wasn't expensive. Have to ask the boss brand and $$. Slightly larger than a mini frig.
  19. 1wildcatfan

    Needs one more year
  20. 1wildcatfan

    Bragging Board 2022 - Fishing Photos

    Yes sir.

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