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  1. Drahts

    Barn opinions…..

    If you run em horizontal you can dutch lap em so water runs off them too.
  2. Drahts

    Giant Redear

    I thought I saw a FB post from that guy with another one that was 3 1/2# too ,heck it was huge! 5#er dang! I know folks who still ain't caught a 5# bass! LOL
  3. Drahts

    Mountain bird

    Congrats, nice mountain bird! Prayers for your wife!
  4. Drahts

    Elk draw results 2022 are posted

    Yep no soup for me!
  5. Drahts


    Congrats Connor, Good Luck!
  6. Drahts

    2021 buck back for the wall

    Very nice Congrats again!
  7. Drahts


    any other state that has elk drawings, the nite they are drawn it's on your profile or your CC gets hit with the tag charge. Delaying someone knowing if they drew or not is ludicrous. There is enough drama with the elk in the state, adding more with the draw just makes more and more folks stop...
  8. Drahts

    Need Some Rain, DRY!

    I hope your getting some of this rain @davers you can have mine, it's destroy the driveway 2.0 in the last 7 days.
  9. Drahts

    Browning x Bolt

    Great job, looks great!
  10. Drahts

    2021 European mount

    Very nice Riverboss!
  11. Drahts

    When do yall start....

    I started late February. Refresh it every 3 weeks. Here is what is in the mineral I use. Ultimate Deer Mineral Guaranteed Analysis Calcium Max 19.00 % Calcium Min 15.00 % Phosphorus Min...
  12. Drahts

    Mixed bag

    Nice mess Nock! Good eating there.
  13. Drahts

    Kentucky derby

    Congrats Tankt that was an awesome race.
  14. Drahts

    Mason tags out 5-7-22 with a good one

    Congrats Mason that's a great bird young man!
  15. Drahts

    Barndo projects

    Shower looks great, and the river scenery looks awesome!! Great work!
  16. Drahts

    Kentucky derby

    Ed go to Pimlico in Maryland where they run the Preakness. Bet the #1 horse every race. Start with a $2 bet, if you don't win double it, and so on. Once ya win go back to the beginning and $2 bet. If ya don't win day one go back next day. You will thank me later.
  17. Drahts


    Mud I bought one from Sportsman's guide a couple years ago. It had a burlap wrap with a lot of ties to put on it whatever you want. Took a tree top thru the top during the ice storm but the frame held up great. It's still good enough to hunt out of just a bit more light coming in. :). Gonna...
  18. Drahts

    Last weekend push

    Too much kitchen work to do, might slip out tomorrow morning if it isn't raining, saw a really good bird on public this evening and I think I may know where he will roost. I'll see what the weather does and act accordingly.
  19. Drahts

    Need Some Rain, DRY!

    I got about 1.2" last week in total. We are staying ok so far.
  20. Drahts

    Dove Fields

    Yeah that's the location the landowner drove down dropping bird seed! LOL. We had a lease in MD on the eastern shore. One day I was archery deer hunting and I see the landowner driving down the lane with his door open. I put the binos on him and see him dumping something all the way down the...

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