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    Cave Run Area Deer Hunting

    Didn't the area get hit with blue tongue?
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    Cave Run Area Deer Hunting

    How has the deer hunting been on the DBNF in the past few years. I used to hunt it every year. Is the herd bouncing back in the area?
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    Another Hunter orange question

    You don't have to wear it on archery only wma's. Be advised people do sneak in and rifle hunt.
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    Lbl Deer Quota Hunt

    How was the hunting this past season for the deer quota hunts guys?
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    J.C. Higgins Model 20 12 Guage with Power Pac Choke For Turkey Hunting

    Guys I have a JC Higgins Sears Model 20 12 guage that my grandfather bought when he got back from World War II. It has the Power/Pac choke system which consist of a short, medium, and long-range screw in choke. I have killed a bunch of squirrels with this old gun. I would like to use it this...
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    Public hunting Northeast Region

    Just off hand I think Yatesville Lake is the only one that you mentioned with an open gun season. The terrain is going to be steep and hilly. The deer densities are going to be lower compared to the central and western parts of the states. There is still good hunting in these areas.
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    Elk draw 2015

    I wonder when they will or if ever go to a preference point system?
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    the loss of a great man

    Multi posted a lot during the glory days of the forum. I always enjoyed his post. I talked to him once on the phone about his hunting club. He was very helpful and friendly. I am sorry for your loss.
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    Menifee County Hunting

    Thanks for the update guys. How was the hunting around the lake this year?
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    Menifee County Hunting

    Anybody hunting this county or the surrounding counties?
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    Menifee County Hunting

    Guys I haven't got t get out much this year but was looking at the hunting zones and saw that Menifee county is now a zone 4. What is going on and how has the hunting been this year?
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    UK foolsball

    I don't think Stoop's will be around in 4-5 years. I think Ky should have hired Petrino. Some might not agree but the guy can coach. There might be some baggage but he is a winner. Louisville is already a top 25 team. Who cares what conference they are in. The last time Ky was in the top...
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    Anyone watch Longmire?

    I don't think he dies. They would have showed him getting shot if he did. It will be back. It was very popular this year. This show might have been slow getting out of the gate but it took off this year.
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    Time for BASKETBAAAALL Actiom!!!

    They really missed a true point guard last season. That might have cost them a title. I stand by my statement that I think Lee will get more playing time over Stein. Stein has been a great defensive player but Lee can play great defensive an his offense is way beyond Stein's.
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    LBL question and answer thread

    August 25th.
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    Work Boots Made in the U. S.

    No they are still in Nelsonville. The difference is that the boots are not made there anymore. Buying Rocky boots are hit and miss. I bought a set of bearclaw's a few years ago that have been good. Then I bought a pair of 400 grams that the eyelets came out of. I have had the best luck out...
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    Time for BASKETBAAAALL Actiom!!!

    Pitino went to a horrible team. Cal would be going to a championship caliber team with the best player in the game. This is a totally different scenario. Cleveland is going to be good for a long time. We will see how it plays out.
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    Time for BASKETBAAAALL Actiom!!!

    No idea. Maybe Ky will finally get Billy Donavon. Lets hope we are wrong. If Cleveland wins it all I don't see them dumping their coach but it isn't a lock for them to win it. Look at what happened this year with the Heat. Los Angeles will probably be making a push as well. Cleveland seems...
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    Time for BASKETBAAAALL Actiom!!!

    I hate to say this but I predict this will be Cal's last year. I hope I am wrong but if Cleveland calls again he is gone. Who's to say that they haven't already. With James back home it is a totally different scenario.
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    Time for BASKETBAAAALL Actiom!!!

    I don't think Lee loses much playing time. He is a game changer. I think Stein will lose out more than anyone. He could possibly be staying another year.

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