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  1. xilk123

    Abandoned treestands

    Someone paid for the stand and hung it. If you are so bothered by it being left up longer than it should be after season contact the Game warden and let them deal with it and leave contact info for the person. Don't use it as a excuse to steal someones stand. It isn't yours leave it be. Life...
  2. xilk123

    Shed trap

    Traps are illegal but its legal to dump a bag of corn in a fallen treetop. The deer will work through the branches to get to the corn and it does the same thing as a trap. Deer also do this to get to grass and acorns so I doubt its gonna hurt them.
  3. xilk123

    Yall seen this one.

    What I thought soon as I seen it as well. Thats about as impressive typical buck as you'll see.
  4. xilk123

    Meat in the freezer!

    Yes had multipled bucks that had shed both sides on last camera check. Didn't have a single racked buck left in a week span so not sure which have shed and which have just moved off to another food source. Had 3-4 bucks packing 1 side around Christmas.
  5. xilk123

    Meat in the freezer!

    Seasons winding down and most of my bucks on camera have shed their antlers already so when a doe group stepped out yesterday evening decided its time to quit waiting and add some meat to the freezer. Got her yesterday evening just before dark.
  6. xilk123

    Any ideas on score?

    Nice buck hes upper 150s to 160 imo.
  7. xilk123

    Have any of y'all used the golf ball method to skin a deer??

    I used it once and time I did all the cuts, got the ball tied up and, got the vehicle in place to pull the hide out I could of skinned 3 deer. Maybe if I was more prepared beforehand or something idk. Just isn't worth the time for me.
  8. xilk123

    Im confused?

    I can't help but think these posts are just to get a reaction. Surely a adult wouldn't be bothered enough to make a thread about a child getting help cocking a crossbow.
  9. xilk123

    Need y’all’s opinion!!!!!

    Everyone saying dead deer and don't wanna kill your hopes but everytime I've seen a deer lay for a while from a neck or spine shock hit then get up and take off will live. Kinda like one gets hit by a car and then lays there til it gets its bearings then off it goes. Unless a coyote takes them...
  10. xilk123

    Hunter missing in Laurel County

    If he needed help getting out of steep terrian I would assume he was injured. Don't know why they wouldn't say it in the report. But I be willing to bet most hunters on here could navigate the woods and rough terrian better than the volunter rescue squads but who knows.
  11. xilk123

    Hunter missing in Laurel County

    Seems like its awful quick to be declared missing. I hope there is just a mix up and hes fine. I know Ive hunted many of times and my phone die or just didn't have service and be tracking a deer shot at the edge of dark and it be midnight before I make it back out of the woods. Hoping this is...
  12. xilk123

    Who's good at guessing age of deer?

    That buck is at least 4.5 i'm thinking more like 5.5 yo. Hes run down from the rut and you can't tell alot about them this time of the year. That second set of pictures is the best to tell he still has a saggy brisket and pot belly even after the rut. If you saw that buck towards the end of...
  13. xilk123

    Range Finder

    I have a simmons. Works good and is about 7-8 years old with no problems. I never use it over 100 yards though. Mostly 50 yards or less while bow/ crossbow hunting. Think it was 99$ but I see them on sale for 50-75$ all the time.
  14. xilk123

    First deer

    congrats awesome buck!
  15. xilk123

    Score of my deer

    Hopefully we don't get left hanging. Im curious to see if im crazy thinking that deer won't break 160 or if hes really in the 70s lol
  16. xilk123

    Target buck wounded

    This post went from blaming the shot placement to the bullet to the caliber and now has switched to broadheads. You can tell its November.:D
  17. xilk123

    Target buck wounded

    Sounds like a high shoulder hit. the shock to the spine put him down but didn't kill him. Keep looking and throw some cams up to see if hes still around.
  18. xilk123

    11/23 roll call are you diehard hunter

    Fixing to head out for the rest of the day. All my morning time movement on cams has dried up. 2pm-dark has been the best times according to the trail cam so lets hope they follow script.
  19. xilk123

    The riches of deer hunting…

    Only part of a deer better than the inner loins imo
  20. xilk123

    The riches of deer hunting…

    Replace the lays with grippos and you got a many of my meals throughout the year.

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