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  1. childersb24

    Lowest harvest totals in last 12 years

    Need to open up furbearer season longer , make bob cat season open all year like coyotes, and need to go down to 1 bird per person. I’m glad fish and wildlife are at least closing fall hunting and going to 1 bird per wma. It will help but not fast enough IMO.
  2. childersb24

    Last weekend push

    I heard one tonight before dark. I’m going to go listen In the morning to see if I can locate a huntable bird for my dad or nephew to hunt Friday morning. Y’all good luck
  3. childersb24

    Bought my boys some new STAN ONNEX releases

    I have target panic like no one’s business. Even worse if I’m shooting infront of people. I’m fine when I have a live animal infront of me but if you drew a dot on it I’d panic bad. I’m wondering if spending the money on that release would help me or if it’s even worth buying if I’m not target...
  4. childersb24

    Turkey Population

    I checked the total turkey harvest results and it looks like Kentucky as of right now is about 6k birds behind from last year. Got a week left of season I’ll be curious what the final number is.
  5. childersb24

    Turkey Population

    I got one farm to hunt it’s only good for one bird on the best years and the rest is public for me. I consider my second bird a bonus since it’s public.
  6. childersb24

    Turkey Population

    Anyone notice a shortage of birds in your area compared to past years? Although I was able to fill both tags I feel like I didn’t hear many birds around like years before. Usually you can hear several around on different farms but I didn’t hear many this year.
  7. childersb24

    For you tree felling experts

    Leave it. Good wind will take it the rest of the way.
  8. childersb24

    Making a Better Habitat

    Is leaving your hay field alone for a month or two longer an option? Food plots are always a good idea?
  9. childersb24

    Vacation Ideas for 2022

    You only live once. I wouldn’t let gas prices stop you. They ain’t ever going down so you mine as well get used to it. Iv been to several Caribbean islands, out west and Alaska. My out west trip was on a merriam turkey hunt and I believe that might be the best trip out of all of them. We seen...
  10. childersb24

    Ohio Turkey Seaon

    I hope Kentucky goes to one bird
  11. childersb24

    What really matters.

    Never been but plan on trying to make it this year maybe
  12. childersb24

    20 gauge slugs forsale

  13. childersb24

    20 gauge slugs forsale

    Damn it man to far me sir but I appreciate it.
  14. childersb24

    20 gauge slugs forsale

    What is your Location? I’d like to have those trophy copper shells if you close enough.
  15. childersb24

    Squirrel taxidermist???

    Coys in new haven, chuck Cecil in st.Francis area.
  16. childersb24

    Septic And Electric

    Bury a 55 gallon drum for your septic tank and make sure know one flushed toilet paper and it will work for years. The electric part sounds like it will need inspection since it involves the meter
  17. childersb24

    A very powerful direct message

    Hangem high
  18. childersb24

    WTB Youth 410

    Might want to look at the Mossberg bantam 20ga. Perfect for kids plus you can find ammo easy.
  19. childersb24

    NY Eve Roll Call

    Didn’t see anything but squirrels and one turkey
  20. childersb24

    Public ground

    Best stand ever made I’m guessing that’s why the went out of business

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