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    Look who is in the jury pool!!!!

    All in the family
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    Mountain bird

    Them ole mt. birds ,make ye work for ye prize
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    Refurbing an Old Hatchet

    Looks real good,I love cherry wood
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Barney knows a man can’t work ,on an empty stomach
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    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    They thank its Trumps fault ,because Biden says it is ,some people are useless ,to society
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    Johnny Cash

    It said it was shot in 1993 ,the person was charged with a class three felony and fined 11,000 dollars.
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    That’s a good work crew meal Barney
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    Giant Redear

    a good un for sure
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    Things look bad in ukraine

    Not bad enough ,to keep the pocket picking congress men ,women and senator’s ,from visiting the war zone.I guess they’re letting them know ,where to send their share of the billions back too.
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    That’s great
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    Hopefully people read and understand this article

    That’s the reason a lot of people left nwtf
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    Hopefully people read and understand this article

    Interesting read ,going to be some interesting comments ,no comment from me I’ve never seen or done it .
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    Mixed bag

    Them a eat good
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    Arrowhead hunters?

    If you’re getting the hard rain we are ,it should work some to the top
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    Strange , weird decorations

    Something don’t hardly seem normal ,for a sane person.Could be someone showing their feeling about abortion maybe.
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    Garden 2022

    What he said
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    I keep a gallon sprayer of permithrin mixed up ,use it all the time ,spray all around the house ,around where the dogs are ,use on the dogs too .
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    Hunting accident in West Virginia

    My thoughts exactly,me or him one would have left
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    My grandson went fishing the other day ,they said they got fourty off him, them little bitty ticks

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