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  1. NJohnson

    Shed trap

    I see pictures of people using bungee straps around feeders or feeding out of tires and all kinds of stuff. Do a lot of you do this trying to get sheds? I was always told you could potentially kill the deer if the antler isn’t quite ready to come off and it takes a piece of the skull with it?
  2. NJohnson

    Rattling/grunting versus silence

    How many people rattle antlers and or use a grunt call versus just sitting silent? During gun season
  3. NJohnson

    Fall Kill Plot

    What and when would be good to put out in a 1/4-1/2 kill plot for deer. I do have a rotavator for the tractor.
  4. NJohnson

    Calling coyotes

    How often do you all hunt the same farm when calling in coyotes. And does it matter if you kill one there or not?
  5. NJohnson

    Evening yote hunt

    Does anyone have any luck calling in coyotes In the evening before dark? Usually set up at day break but was just curious if it would be worth it in the evening time without having to use a light.
  6. NJohnson

    Thermal Scopes

    Does anyone know of a gun store that sells decent used thermal rifle scopes?
  7. NJohnson

    Early season coyote trapping

    Does anyone have great success trapping coyotes in the first weeks of the season? If so do you use any different tactics than in the colder months?

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