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  1. supergoat80

    Cement shortage hitting central KY

    I work where backnblack retired from. We can’t make cement fast enough. We are emptying our silos quicker than we can put it in. I still think it’s gonna come to a halt the building is gonna stop.
  2. supergoat80


    Did good on skipjack Monday. I was gonna head fish up on the lake Tuesday but the kids car broke down so I had to come back home. I was at watts bar. Lots of these were over 2 pounds 20 inches long.
  3. supergoat80

    Found the match!

    Great finds. That one has to be an 80 inch antler or close. Congratulations
  4. supergoat80

    Homeowners insurance canceled for no reason

    I ditched the agents and went straight to the company. Save a bundle. Also my rates haven’t been increasing yearly like they used to.
  5. supergoat80


    Awesome finds! I usually start looking Valentine’s Day. It’s just nice to be outside.
  6. supergoat80


    Really? I feel the exact opposite I feel this lay out is 1999 ish like the first aol forums I visited.
  7. supergoat80

    Music you like that would surprise people?

    I also grew up in a southern Baptist church I love old gospel and blue grass. I used to hang out in bars as an adult that played that stuff. I went form a kid in church to a sinner in a bar chasing the same thing.
  8. supergoat80

    Canadians have had enough, eh?

    Who would’ve ever thought that bunch to the north could show us in the US how to say Fuck You to an overreaching government. Thanks friends to the north and thanks for giving us Moose Head beer.
  9. supergoat80

    Knock em in the head instead

    She is hot! Now these birds don’t have many predators and where I work is full of the black headed ones. Nature has its way of keeping things in check well this ice would be a good way of getting rid of a few. We as humans need to quite playing god.
  10. supergoat80

    Meet Moose

    I really feel like his purpose was to show my wife how to cope before her dad passed. He was the best dog or human any one could ask for. Jinix was his name and he is truly missed. Enjoy moose while he’s here.
  11. supergoat80

    What's going on with LoneWolf

    Yeah lone wolf is novix now and lone wolf custom gear is De’Acuestos spelling I’ve had about 12 beers. Seriously though the novix is where it’s at for affordable American made mobile tree stands. They started sending me emails about 3 months ago for being a lone Wolfe customer.
  12. supergoat80

    Music you like that would surprise people?

    While I mostly listen to metal, old country, and blues. I’m also a closet Kelly Clarkson fan and I love No Doubt and not just because Gwen is hot.
  13. supergoat80

    Hippie (little poem by yours truly)

    Well done sir! Well done.
  14. supergoat80


    Well fellas I’m about 100% I have it agin. Had it at the first of December last. Now I’m pretty certain I have it agin. Sick as shit. Started puking Saturday then developed the cough that night feel pretty bad now. My wife almost died last year I just hope I don’t give it to her agin or anyone...
  15. supergoat80

    If this man speaks, he tells the truth.

    “Shut up ya Jurk!!!!” I love when he bust some one out with that.
  16. supergoat80

    Omicron virus.

    I was driving by some tents set up for testing today. They were jam packed. I thought to myself wow they hit the jackpot with this. It has every symptom known to man and people are flocking to get tested over a sniffle. So yeah they are getting all kinds of cases and giving all kinds of shots. I...
  17. supergoat80

    You kill one then the Monsters come.

    Man what a buck
  18. supergoat80

    Capper On A Great Rifle Season

  19. supergoat80

    Dads gun did it again

    Great deer and story
  20. supergoat80

    Great day with my daughter!

    Way to go you two look very happy. Good times

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