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  1. Ash12

    22 WMR Federal premium ammunition.

    Sold pending pickup.
  2. Ash12

    22 WMR Federal premium ammunition.

    2 boxes of 50 rounds each unopened. 30 Grain Federal Premium Speer Gold Dot Hollow Points. $35.00 for the pair. Can meet in the Louisville area, or the Lexington area depending on the day of the week.
  3. Ash12

    20ga tss

    Rogers sporting goods has some in right now!
  4. Ash12

    Prayers for T-bone

    Prayers sent.
  5. Ash12

    Youth Turkey Hunt public land (video)

    Fantastic Job and way to get a kid outdoors!
  6. Ash12

    Some Boys and Some Beagles

    That's just awesome! My Grandfather passed away, before I really started hunting hard (I started dove hunting the year he passed away) I know he is with me, but I still wish he were on earth to see it. So glad that your son's are able to make memories with their cousin as well. I am sure they...
  7. Ash12

    Bengals to Super Bowl

    I'm not much into football (and most certainly not the NFL) but the way Cincy was playing at first I thought they were going to creamed by KC!
  8. Ash12

    Accidental overdose of friend

    I am so sorry for both of your losses! Prayers Sent for both of you all.
  9. Ash12


    I'm not an expert, but both of my Dad's old boat and newer one have/had yamaha 4 strokes. They are very reliable engines and from what I know the 4 strokes are better for the environment. Also much quieter when idling in the no wake zone etc.
  10. Ash12

    Where's the ammo and primers Part 2

    Thank you Sir!
  11. Ash12

    Where's the ammo and primers Part 2

    Besides picking up shotgun shells I am trying to hold off on buying anything right now, hoping that they will drop the prices some. Not saying they will, but a guy can dream right?
  12. Ash12

    Where's the ammo and primers Part 2

    Right now I don't think that's a terrible deal. I bought 4 boxes for $34 a box but had to pay a ton in shipping (February of last year). With that being said, I never saw it in person last year. However, I didn't look terribly hard in person due to having what I needed on hand.
  13. Ash12

    9mm for Concealed carry

    As others have mentioned take a good look at the 43X or the 48. You can also get an after market 15 round mag for them (it is recommended the at you replace a small part while using it but I forgot which part). I have shot one a very good amount, and it will most likely be my next handgun...
  14. Ash12

    Optics vs Price

    I believe in paying as much as you can for optics. Why? Because quality optics last and make the hunt more enjoyable. Also, you are most likely going to get a great warranty when you shell out the extra cash. With that being said I agree that a lot of shots for Kentucky Hunters are usually two...
  15. Ash12

    Yellowstone - Who Dies in the Final Show?

    Amen! At this rate, I hope they plan on finishing the next season quick. Like you, I look back and think overall, what has happened this season? I'm sure like many others, I hoped that lot would be happening this season after the amount of time we had to wait.
  16. Ash12

    Anybody getting,a new rifle for christmas

    Will you please post a review on it?
  17. Ash12

    best round for hunting Kentucky Whitetails

    Whatever you pick make sure you can shoot it well. With that being said, like others I do not enjoy a lot of recoil and I do not believe that you need a 7MM rem mag, or a .300 Win Mag to kill a deer in Kentucky (or any other state for that matter unless you are shooting extremely long...
  18. Ash12

    Favorite caliber and factory load ammo for deer.

    .308 federal fushions will put a hurting on them bad!
  19. Ash12

    Killed an old 10 yesterday evening!

    Great buck!
  20. Ash12

    11/17 roll call

    Shot a doe this morning, waited for her friends to follow but they never showed. Need at least one more for the freezer. I don't know about you all, but it has been tough hunting for me this year during gun season. I just don't think the rut has really kicked in here yet. Still thankful to have...

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